2022 Stop Food Waste Day: 15 Houston restaurants offering zero-waste food

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — While one in seven Texans doesn’t have enough food to eat, data shows that more than a third of all available food ends up uneaten or in the trash.

Fifteen Houston restaurants hope to raise awareness of the problem of food waste by partnering with Second Servings, a nonprofit that feeds the hungry by saving excess food from corporations.

On April 27, Stop Food Waste Day, participating restaurants are offering a zero-waste dish or cocktail that includes a donation to feed hungry Houstonians.

Click here to find Houston restaurants participating in Stop Food Waste Day

The amount of food waste in the Houston area is staggering, while 16% of residents are considered food insecure.

“It’s like going to the grocery store and filling your shopping cart with three bags of groceries, and on the way out throwing one in the trash,” said Barbara Bronstein, founder and president of Second Servings. “It does not mean anything.”

Not only is the food thrown away, but the time and resources spent growing the food, labor, shipping, producing and maintaining these items are also thrown away.

“Supermarkets have an average of about 300 pounds of surplus food a day,” Bronstein said. “Normally it would be wasted, so we save it.”

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Daniel Pecoraro, former executive chef of Capital Grille, said we can all play a part by creating a menu in advance that reduces food waste at home.

Pecoraro said at the end of each week, think of a vegetable stew or soup.

“Definitely use these vegetables, not just for nutrition, but to get rid of leftovers,” Pecoraro said.

Here are some other things you can do to keep food fresh and save money:

  • Wrap banana stems tightly with plastic wrap
  • Place the lemons in a bowl of water in the refrigerator
  • Storing Ripe Avocados in the Refrigerator
  • Wrap the celery tightly in aluminum foil and store in the refrigerator
  • Store milk on the bottom shelf of the fridge to prevent it from spoiling
  • Store open jars of salsa and more upside down in the fridge

Bronstein said Second Servings works to build a bridge between those in need and the surplus found at local grocers, venues, food makers and bakeries.

You can read more about Second Servings on their website.

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