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Do you like pickles?

A Long Beach restaurant offers a twist on pickles that will also appeal to your sweet tooth.

In NBC4’s coverage of Black Restaurant Week which began Friday, Ted Chen recounted how fulfilling a woman’s dream began with her taste buds as a young girl.

As a young girl who wanted pickles and candy at the same time, Shontay Burk came up with a new solution.

“You would get the pre-mixed fresh aid with the sugar already in it, I would pour it over my pickle and eat it,” Burk said. “Or I’d put a jolly rancher or a now or later peppermint in my pickle all the time.”

With this idea, a future business was born. Wut-A-Pickle started six years ago when friends saw what Burk was doing with his pickles on social media.

They had never seen a tropical punch or a green apple or peach mango pickle. Then there were pop-ups and regular appearances at the “Taste of Soul Food Festival”. Burk even brought her pickles to anyone who wanted them.

“Down the street there was a 7-Eleven, I would literally go there and meet them,” Burk said.

Now, Wut-A-Pickle has a storefront in Long Beach and one of the success stories highlighted by Black Restaurant Week.

It was founded by three friends who say many restaurants are still struggling with the fallout of the pandemic. Burk says Black Restaurant Week has helped her connect with her peers and share stories.

“It just helps to motivate each other and we just know that we’re layering up to keep staying focused and keeping those doors open,” Burk said.

His concept has now led to possible franchises in Las Vegas and Texas, with others looking to see if business might be just as good.

“It’s quite an experience, it’s more than just a pickle, it’s definitely an experience,” Burk said.

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