Accounting firm unveils new headquarters in Uptown Houston

Weaver, a Houston-based national tax, audit and advisory firm, unveiled its new headquarters in the Five Post Park building in the Uptown neighborhood.

Weaver moved from his longtime home at 24 Greenway Plaza where he was spread over three disconnected floors with an abundance of enclosed offices. The company has leased 66,000 square feet in the 28-story building at 4400 Post Oak Parkway, just inside the 610 loop.

“It was a good time for us to have a lease coming in the middle of the pandemic,” Weaver CEO and managing partner John Mackel said during a recent tour. “We had a bit more clout to do certain things.”

The move allowed Weaver to be closer to the Galleria, put his company logo at the top of the building where it can be seen by drivers along the 610 Loop, and most importantly, have a cohesive, connected space. by internal stairwells, on three contiguous floors.

Offices are designed to create an environment that fosters employee training, collaboration and advancement – ​​all key success factors when the job market is tight and so-called hybrid schedules are popular. Since Weaver employees returned to the office about six months ago, 80% are working three days in the office, two days remote, 10% are in the office full-time, and 10% are fully remote.

“It helps build and sustain our culture of having people coming, not just everyone virtual all the time,” said Steve Schwarzbach, Partner, Energy Compliance Services and Houston Executive Partner at Weaver. “People coming in and interacting…contribute to building unity, culture, interaction and staff development. »

Covering floors 11 through 13, the office includes open workspaces with unassigned desks in addition to private glass-walled offices, many along the perimeter. On the 12th floor, a break room offers spaces to have a coffee and eat or play a game of ping-pong. The light-filled space offers a view of downtown to the Galleria.

The company, which has about 250 employees in Houston and is growing, worked with architecture firm Corgan on the space, which is similar to its new Dallas office. The color palette includes greens, blues, and yellows used in upholstery, geometric-patterned wallpaper, and wall tiles throughout the space. The colors are also incorporated on a wall in the break room with a grid of black and white photos of employees dotted with inspirational Post-it notes.

The space, built by Houston-based Harvey, offers multiple conference rooms, a large training room, breakout rooms, and five cafes and lounges across the three floors. A wellness room can be used by breastfeeding mothers. The floor plan has over 230 workstations in open spaces that are first come, first served each day. Drawers are available to lock up valuables overnight.

The new Houston workspace, one of 14 offices nationwide, will go a long way in helping the company achieve its hiring and retention goals. Founded in 1950, the company employs more than 900 people, with Houston and Dallas being its primary locations. In addition to accounting, the firm’s services include risk advisory, transaction advisory, IT advisory, energy compliance services and public enterprise services.

“What we found during the pandemic, for offices that came and went and had really active environments, people more willingly wanted to start coming in as things opened up,” Mackel said. “Our core philosophy is to recruit and develop people and provide a good culture that benefits from that.”

Most new hires, who come largely from internship programs, prefer to be in the office rather than at home, Mackel said. People who have been with the company for two to 10 years with families are inclined to opt for a hybrid setup where they work in the office a few days a week, he said.

Weaver has worked with Rice University’s Doerr Institute for New Leaders on an executive coaching program to develop mentors within the company who help others grow their careers.

As part of the decision to move, Weaver negotiated to acquire a nearly 10% stake in the building and is working with new owners CP Group and Rialto Capital of Florida on upcoming improvements, Mackel said.

The building, which already has a renovated conference room for tenants, will be updated with a new lobby and glazed space for two restaurants on the ground floor opening onto a large outdoor park.

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