Alumni of “MasterChef”, Grubhub teams up for a virtual restaurant

New meal delivery service from Grubhub brings recipes from “MasterChef” alumni to the doorsteps of more than 20 markets in the United States

MasterChef Table is a virtual delivery-only restaurant, also known as the “ghost kitchen”, featuring recipes from four former FOX reality TV contestants: Kelsey Murphy, Dorian Hunter, Gerron Hurt and Michael Silverstein . The menu features 11 dishes, including a Maple Spicy Bacon Fried Chicken Sandwich and Nashville Hot Shrimp Tacos.

“The dishes we create on ‘MasterChef’ are loved by a few legendary judges, but as a chef, I always want as many people as possible to experience my culinary creations,” said Kelsey Murphy, winner of MasterChef Season 11.

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Grubhub said in a press release that the service is offered in more than 20 markets, although it has so far only named Alexandria, Virginia; Boston; Bridgeport, Connecticut; Chicago; Los Angeles; New York City; North Hollywood, CA, and Washington, DC

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Here are the dishes on offer:

  • Kelsey Murphy: Spicy Maple Bacon Fried Chicken Sandwich; Shrimp elote on skewer
  • Dorian Hunter: Down South Quesadilla; Buffalo Bangin Chicken Fries; Italian Hoagie Burger (The Dorian Burger)
  • Gerron Hurt: southern coleslaw; Nashville Hot Mac n’ Cheese; Nashville Spicy Shrimp Tacos
  • Michael Silverstein: Steakhouse Wedge for lovers of loaded blue cheese; Texan fajitas smothered in cheese; Triple Stacked Burger Smash

You can visit the MasterChef Table website to see if delivery service is offered in your area.

“MasterChef,” starring celebrity chefs Gordon Ramsay and Aarón Sánchez and restaurateur Joe Bastianich, airs Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. ET on FOX.

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