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Texan restaurants like Curry Boys BBQ and Khói combine the state’s barbecue traditions with Asian ingredients and preparations, but don’t call it fusion.

Sean Giggy from WFAA in Dallas roams the region in search of hidden barbecue gems. He discovered the new excavations for Smoke Sessions Barbecue in Royse City, then felt the burning of a cherry bomb to 225 Arlington Barbecue.

Thrillist asked pitmasters which barbecue joints they prefer, and here is what they said about their favorites in Dallas, Houston, and Austin.

Texas Country Reporter checked the Sunny Moberg welding shop:

Tim McLaughlin opens a new barbecue. He will continue to own Lockhart Smokehouse, but spend your time at the Crossbuck BBQ, where he will cook from Texan and non-Texan traditions for a menu he describes as the “American barbecue crossroads. “

A new BBQ Hall of Fame class has been announced:

the Dallas Watcher stopped by Harris Bar-B-Que to Cedar Hill to try Kelvin Harris’ Texas Trinity.

Brent and Juan Reaves from Smokey John’s Bar-B-Que in Dallas are partnering with CW33 in a segment in which they show off their favorite places for lunch around the city.

If you’re looking to get out of Dallas for a barbecue road trip:

the Washington post ran a light profile turkey leg hut in Houston, citing his role as a “byproduct of Houston black culture and ingenuity” in the Third Ward. The item did not include reports from the Houston Chronicle about the restaurant’s smokers dispute, which has resulted in a lawsuit from six residents who say the wood smoke poses a health risk to the surrounding community. In addition, Eater Houston reported last week that Lyndell “Lynn” Price, who co-owns the transaction with Nakia Price, is “facing charges of aggravated assault with a lethal weaponIn an incident that allegedly took place during an argument with a man at the couple’s Savoy Ice House, which will open soon.

A College Station barbecue calls for leaving:

Larry Olmsted writes about the connection between American barbecue and American sports.

Travel Texas, the state tourism cheerleader, is get into barbecue tourism in May and throughout the summer in a multi-faceted advertising campaign.

The restaurant scene is that Waco is doing so well that Eater Dallas drove south for this list of the city’s eighteen must-see restaurants, including three barbecue joints.

Bar B Que Done Wright, a barbecue truck in San Antonio, puts a Filipino spin on Texas barbecue.

The Texas BBQ Italian Beef Sandwich was late:

Scientists have measured the levels of “disgust with meat»In omnivores and vegetarians. New study suggests inducing meat loathing in eaters may promote higher levels of vegetarianism.

Farmer Kyle Jaster writes in the Washington post this “outright reject meat We are unlikely to bring together enough consumers to address the underlying environmental issues that plague our food system. “

Sean Winn shared a poem titled “Bar-B-Que” about our beloved Texas smoked meats.

Two excellent and important barbecue books:

the Economist discussed Adrian Miller’s book Black smoke with the work of other black authors, and notes that they “all argue, convincingly, that African influences and African-American contributions to the shared American menu have too often been overlooked and put aside. ”

“More and more people are asking me to be a barbecue judge than working in the White House, ”Adrian Miller told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution in an article about his new book.

the The Memphis barbecue contest in May was missing one of its icons this year:

JC Reid shows how Texas barbecue migrated cuts like the shoulder ball in favor of the breast, but thanks to soaring breast prices, the the root ball is again an option.

Here is a rule on barbecue joints that we can support today:

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