Best Of Houston® 2022: Best Pandemic Food & Drink Idea

Best Pandemic Food and Drink Idea: Curbside Pickup

Honestly, where has this brilliant idea been all our lives? Going to eat has always been a bit pedestrian. It might be good, sure, but no one was confusing it with a fine dining experience – even if you lit some candles and whipped out a nice bottle of champagne for that bucket of chicken. Despite all the horrors of the pandemic, a real game-changer in the world of food is the recognition that we can get really good food and not have to sit down in a restaurant to eat it. Some of the best restaurants in Houston have started offering not only takeout, but also takeout. Stop, hang around and wait for your food. It doesn’t matter how convenient it is for groceries (unless you’re super picky about your produce). It undoubtedly created extra work for restaurants, but it was a way to stay alive during the first two years of COVID when hardly anyone wanted to dine there.

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