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Austin, Texas, is a city of paradoxes. It’s the capital of one of the most conservative states in the country – a state where you probably won’t feel out of place in some localities if you don’t hide a gun in your underwear, but Austin is one. city ​​widely known …

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Austin City Manager Proposes Budget for Next Fiscal Year

Austin City Manager Spencer Cronk on Friday proposed a $ 4.5 billion budget for fiscal year 2021-22 to city council members, prioritizing investments in infrastructure, affordable housing, the fight against homelessness and the reinvention of public safety. According to a press release, the proposed budget is “the smallest increase in …

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Pandemic production, one year later: Aaron Arizpe, cinematographer / editor / production assistant: Then: “I have a mask and 70% ethanol to wipe everything off.” Now: “I am extremely impatient to get back to it. – Screens

Screenshot courtesy of EH Films on YouTube As grocery stores lift their mask requirements, restaurants open their dining rooms, and the streets start to fill with crowds, Austin‘s film industry is still not back to 100%. Most of the shoots Aaron Arizpe is familiar with, if they happen, typically require …

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