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Black box intelligence, a Dallas-based restaurant analytics company, saw slower sales growth and customer satisfaction nationwide, as well as in Dallas, for the month of August.

Sales growth fell after two months of gradual growth in June and July, nationally and locally. To calculate sales growth, Black Box compared metrics to pre-pandemic figures in 2019 from a data set that includes 30,000 restaurant chains in 25 cities. Nationwide sales growth was 6.1% in August, down 2% from July. The drop is likely due to the “growing number of COVID cases and wide media coverage of its delta variant,” the report States.

In Dallas, customer satisfaction has also plummeted. Through the use of natural language processing, Black Box ranks online reviews as positive, neutral, and negative, and Dallas ranked 20th out of the top 25 markets nationwide for service quality and 21st for Restaurant “atmosphere”.

In terms of sales, Dallas ranked 11th out of 25 cities for the highest same-store sales growth since 2019, and 9th for the three-month period between June and August.

Black Box Intelligence, Insights and Knowledge vice president Victor Fernandez says the first two weeks of September are already showing increased sales.

“Our data shows that sales growth is improving both nationally and for the Dallas market, the latter improving at a faster rate,” he said. The morning news from Dallas. The growth may be linked to a stabilization in coronavirus hospitalizations as the delta surge begins to ease in Dallas County.

New York had the lowest sales growth rate last month and San Francisco the second lowest. San Francisco also had the lowest score for “customer sentiment,” a quantitative data set that tracks about 190 brands to gauge customer satisfaction. Ratings are based on six attributes mentioned in online reviews: food, service, ambience, drinks, value, and intention to return.

Orlando ranked first in customer sentiment in all six areas except service, which is led by Philadelphia. On the sales front, Phoenix had the highest same-store sales growth in the country this summer, according to Black Box findings.

In its August customer satisfaction snapshot, which draws on data from 50,000 restaurants nationwide, Black Box reports that customers are only slightly more positive about the food they eat compared to to a year ago.

The small improvement in positive food endorsements, “despite the easy comparison a year ago, highlights the challenges restaurants face in food execution due to staff shortages and supply chain issues.” , indicates a press release.

Fernandez says personnel issues remain the number one concern for customers in surveys. Black Box’s job intelligence product shows that limited and quick-service restaurants have about one less employee than in 2019. Full-service restaurants have an average of six fewer servers and hosts, as well as three fewer employees. kitchen less.

Fernandez adds that Black Box’s customer intelligence product has started to track “understaffed” mentions in online reviews. Overall, “customer sentiment generally declined in quarters one and two,” he says. “Customers are talking about service and wait time issues, portion sizes and food quality issues as restaurants struggle to get their usual supply.”

The biggest drop in customer sentiment year over year was related to the restaurant’s “ambiance”, a category Fernandez defines primarily as cleanliness, but also includes appearance and decor. The past three months have seen the lowest percentage of positive mentions for the mood since the start of the year, the August report said.

However, not all types of restaurants were equally affected by the industry’s drop in sales over the past month. Limited-service, or quick-service brands, did not experience any decline in sales at all, but saw the steepest declines in net customer sentiment as they struggled to meet additional demand.

“When fears about COVID escalate, customers tend to shift some of their restaurant spending to limited-service brands and less to full-service ones,” the report says.

As Fernandez sees it, “We have found that every time the fears of COVID increase and the number of cases increases, people are not eliminating meals from restaurants, but they are picking up instead.”

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Parkland opens clinic at RedBird site, expanding offerings south of Dallas https://horseshoeloungeaustin.com/parkland-opens-clinic-at-redbird-site-expanding-offerings-south-of-dallas/ https://horseshoeloungeaustin.com/parkland-opens-clinic-at-redbird-site-expanding-offerings-south-of-dallas/#respond Tue, 21 Sep 2021 19:41:15 +0000 https://horseshoeloungeaustin.com/parkland-opens-clinic-at-redbird-site-expanding-offerings-south-of-dallas/

Parkland Hospital hopes to bring holistic health care to South Dallas with the opening of its clinic on Tuesday at the former Red Bird Mall site.

The 40,000 square foot RedBird clinic will provide primary care, family medicine, mammography and simple radiology. It will also include child psychiatry and a physical rehabilitation center, which no other Parkland clinic in the area has to the capacity of the new clinic. It will be the second largest health care center in the Parkland network.

Herron Mitchell, Parkland’s director of operations in the southern region, said the center would be for routine checkups or health needs. He now makes appointments.

“We see ourselves as a patient-centered medical home. So that means we are working in partnership with you for your long term health, ”Mitchell said.

The RedBird Clinic will join three others in the region: Bluitt-Flowers, Oak West and Southeast Dallas.

James Perez, Parkland’s vice president of clinical operations, said Parkland has met with various members of the community to determine which medical services are most needed. These meetings, along with data from the Community Health Needs Assessment 2019, contributed to the decision to include child psychiatry among the clinic’s offerings.

“They gave examples of children who couldn’t be properly diagnosed at an early age,” Perez said. “And now the parents are in a situation where they need help. They say to me, ‘Well, what are we doing, what resources are available?’ “

Mitchell said the two most common diagnoses in this area are hypertension and diabetes. To combat the complications of these diseases, including blindness and foot amputations, the clinics also offer chiropody and optometry services.

The RedBird clinic is part of the Reinvent RedBird project alongside many shops, restaurants, living spaces and offices.

The $ 200 million redevelopment of the site will have 200,000 square feet dedicated to healthcare. This includes the Parkland Clinic and a UT Southwestern Medical Center which offers cancer, neurology and cardiology services.

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How a series of unexpected events led to the Cowboys’ wild victory over the Chargers https://horseshoeloungeaustin.com/how-a-series-of-unexpected-events-led-to-the-cowboys-wild-victory-over-the-chargers/ https://horseshoeloungeaustin.com/how-a-series-of-unexpected-events-led-to-the-cowboys-wild-victory-over-the-chargers/#respond Tue, 21 Sep 2021 02:23:59 +0000 https://horseshoeloungeaustin.com/how-a-series-of-unexpected-events-led-to-the-cowboys-wild-victory-over-the-chargers/

FRISCO – With the ball on the 38-yard line, the clock ticking and the result in play, a lot of people were wondering what we thought of the Cowboys side.

Here is the answer.

So many moving parts go into the decisions of whether to win or lose a game. The fateful final seconds of the Cowboys’ 20-17 victory over the Los Angeles Chargers are a prime example.

While the focus is on the call or the tie-breaker – in this case a 56-yard field goal from Greg Zuerlein – a series of cascading and unexpected events created a unique context.

A downtime that has not been called. A clock that disappeared from sight and another that was obscured by a cameraman. It was a crazy 30 seconds.

But to fully understand what happened, it is better to go back to the beginning of possession.

Dallas got the ball off their own 13-yard line with 3:49 left. The score was tied.

“They are a very good defense,” said offensive coordinator Kellen Moore of his approach. “They make you eat everything. So we knew it wouldn’t be a quick move.

“We were going to have to rectify this thing. “

Ezekiel Elliott lost a yard on the first down, but Moore didn’t give up on the run. There were four more in the aisle.

Dak Prescott had a third and 4 with a short pass to Elliott who had 7 yards. Elliott ran to the middle for 3 yards on a third and a 1. Two plays later, Prescott hit Amari Cooper down a 12-yard drop.

The receiver injured his ribs and did not stand up immediately. Dallas was forced to use their second time out with 36 seconds left.

There had been a total of 20 penalties called at this point in the game. In the words of Mike McCarthy, “there was a lot of arbitration going on”. This made it imperative to maintain the final time-out until the end.

“You don’t want to put yourself in a 10 second flow situation,” Moore said. “We always try to keep this timeout as long as possible just to protect ourselves from anything that comes along.”

That’s why Moore asked receiver Cedrick Wilson to get a short pass to the left sideline for 4 yards before going out of bounds. That put the ball on the Chargers 41-yard line.

The Dallas coaching staff determined ahead of the game that he would need to hit the 40-yard line in this situation to give Zuerlein a realistic shot.

“We were right on that threshold for Greg,” Moore said. “We felt we just needed a few positive yards. We felt we had an opportunity based on their defense to maybe see if we could pull some of that and get a nice big run. “

The call was for Tony Pollard to come out. But safety Derwin James was running with him and there were already two defenders on the outside. Receiver CeeDee Lamb was only able to block one, so Pollard cut the ball inside and gained 3 yards before coming back down.

Dallas had a third and 3 on the 38-yard line with less than 30 seconds to go.

“We expected them to call a time out there,” McCarthy said of the Chargers.

They did not do it. Pollard went on the sidelines thinking there would be a staff change since he had been on the pitch with Elliott for this game.

“I didn’t like my run to Tony,” Moore said. “I probably would have called something different there if we had taken this route, but these things always happen during a game.”

McCarthy then encountered something that had never happened. The clock he followed on the video board above the pitch to keep track of the time went off as it began to flash to encourage fans to cheer.

Moore’s eyes were on the pitch, on a clock above one of the restaurants in the stadium. A camera operator moved his platform in front of the clock, obscuring Moore’s vision, around the same time McCarthy was flying blind.

No one panicked.

“We obviously have people in the dressing room looking at the clock, so everything was fine,” McCarthy said.

Prescott saw how much time was left on the clock in the end zone, but felt the coaching staff were comfortable with the location of the basket.

Once McCarthy and Moore got it all sorted out, they passed the 17 second threshold that they wanted to kick off another play before hitting the basket. They decided to cut the clock down to four seconds before using their last time out to bring Zuerlein onto the pitch.

Will McCarthy continue to follow the clock on the top panel in stadiums?

“Not anymore,” he said.

That’s why so much time passed in the last 30 seconds before Zuerlein hit his winning basket.

“In the end, Greg kicked a 56-yard player,” Moore said. “It was awesome.

“I hope next time it will be a 48 meter.”

Find David Moore on The Ticket (KTCK-AM 1310 and 96.7 FM) with the Musers at 9:35 a.m. every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and Hardline every Tuesday and Friday at 4:30 p.m. during the regular season.

Find more Dallas Morning News Cowboys coverage here.

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Gumbo is back at Southlake’s most upscale restaurant in New Orleans https://horseshoeloungeaustin.com/gumbo-is-back-at-southlakes-most-upscale-restaurant-in-new-orleans/ https://horseshoeloungeaustin.com/gumbo-is-back-at-southlakes-most-upscale-restaurant-in-new-orleans/#respond Mon, 20 Sep 2021 19:37:01 +0000 https://horseshoeloungeaustin.com/gumbo-is-back-at-southlakes-most-upscale-restaurant-in-new-orleans/

One of Southlake’s best Cajun-Creole restaurants is back: New Orleans Copeland reopens its location at the Hilton Dallas / Southlake Town Square Hotel at 1400 Plaza Pl. on September 20.

The restaurant has temporarily closed due to the pandemic in April 2020. This reopening represents a triumphant return and is accompanied by a renovation of the space as well as some new dishes from the new chef Carl Chamberlain. The dining room is now open for breakfast from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. and for dinner from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m.

The renovations began in May 2021, in partnership with parent company Copeland’s of New Orleans and ownership group Driftwood Capital.

Additions include photos of New Orleans by Heather Green of Briole Photography; new New Orleans style lighting fixtures; and a glass chandelier at the entrance.

There’s also a new wrought-iron gate and hand-laid bricks with the Copeland logo painted by Sean Starr of Starr Studios for a charming old New Orleans energy. There is a double-sided bar and seating on two refreshed outdoor patios.

Fans can find New Orleans classics such as crayfish, jambalaya pasta and red beans and rice with Andouille sausage.

The menu offers shareable appetizers, chicken and pasta dishes, seafood specialties, as well as steakhouse-style options such as:

  • Artichoke Spinach Dip – topped with Monterey Jack cheese, served with fried bowtie pasta
  • Brie, strawberry and almond salad – with almond-crusted quarters, spring mix, arugula, sliced ​​strawberries, chopped onions, toasted almonds, crispy bacon and balsamic vinaigrette
  • Crab Cakes & Shrimp Alfredo – with fried crab cakes, Gulf shrimp, angel hair pasta and a shrimp Alfredo sauce
  • Creole Cheesecake – an original creamy cheesecake with a buttery pecan crust

So don’t go thinking they’re just a Cajun place, okay.

New menu items include:

  • Crab & Avocado Stack – Crabmeat in giant pieces, Roma tomato, avocado, red onion, cilantro, honey lemon vinaigrette
  • Grouper – Florida grouper in a garlic butter sauce on sautéed squash, asparagus, mushrooms
  • Herb-Crusted Salmon – Seared salmon with herbs and seasoning, garnished with a garlic Bordelaise of chopped crab meat, served with roasted rosemary potatoes

Their bar program is robust with signature cocktails including, of course, a Hurricane with Pat O’Brien’s Hurricane blend, light rum and dark rum. They also have a designated menu of martinis such as the Margaritatini with Sauza Hornitos, Grand Marnier and Bittersweet; and the Cucumber Martini with cucumber and lime juice, intense ginger liqueur, simple syrup and vodka.

Copeland’s of New Orleans was founded in 1983 by Al Copeland, a New Orleans native, president of Al Copeland Investments, and serves New Orleans and Creole dishes with an upscale sensibility, made from scratch. There are 12 locations in Louisiana, Texas, Georgia, and Florida.

“The Copeland family have been proud to be part of the Dallas community since 1986 when we first opened Copeland’s of New Orleans here and most recently in 2008 as the premier restaurant at the Hilton Southlake Town Square “Copeland said in a statement. . “We look forward to reopening to bring a little piece of our family and New Orleans to Southlake and surrounding communities for years to come!”

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New parents wearing face masks to protect immunocompromised son kicked out of Texas restaurant https://horseshoeloungeaustin.com/new-parents-wearing-face-masks-to-protect-immunocompromised-son-kicked-out-of-texas-restaurant/ https://horseshoeloungeaustin.com/new-parents-wearing-face-masks-to-protect-immunocompromised-son-kicked-out-of-texas-restaurant/#respond Mon, 20 Sep 2021 04:30:32 +0000 https://horseshoeloungeaustin.com/new-parents-wearing-face-masks-to-protect-immunocompromised-son-kicked-out-of-texas-restaurant/

A couple were kicked out of a Texas restaurant last week after refusing to remove the masks they say they wear to protect their immunocompromised newborn at home.

Natalie Wester and her husband, Jose, went to Hang Time, a restaurant and bar in the northern Dallas suburbs of Rowlett, with a few friends on September 11, when they said staff members told them that they couldn’t wear their masks inside.

Wester said she tried to explain how her son was immunocompromised, when a waitress told them if they had a problem with politics they could leave – which they did.

Now the owner of the bar and grill defends his no-mask policy, calling the wearing of a mask a “global reaction” and saying he will continue to enforce the policy in an interview with CBS DFW.

Natalie Wester and her husband, Jose, went to Hang Time, a restaurant and bar in the northern Dallas suburbs of Rowlett, with a few friends on September 11, when they said staff members told them that they couldn’t wear their masks inside.

The couple are the new parents of <a class=Austin, a four-month-old baby with cystic fibrosis at birth. They now wear masks whenever they venture out of their home to protect it” class=”blkBorder img-share” style=”max-width:100%” />

The couple are the new parents of Austin, a four-month-old baby with cystic fibrosis at birth. They now wear masks whenever they venture out of their home to protect it

Wester wrote about his restaurant experience on Facebook

Wester wrote about his restaurant experience on Facebook

Wester said she and Jose went to a restaurant last Saturday to meet some friends – a rare outing for the couple since their son, Austin, was born four months ago.

“If you’ve been new parents before, spending those few hours outdoors once or twice a month is so important to your mental health,” she told the local CBS affiliate.

But when she got there, she posted on Facebook, the hostess asked her and her husband to take off their masks.

“The music was loud, so I just assumed she wanted to see our faces for our IDs,” Wester wrote. ‘She said something again about taking off the mask, [but] because I couldn’t hear it very well, I swept it away.

Wester and her husband then sat down at a table, ordered drinks and an appetizer, she said, but about half an hour later her waitress sat down next to her and said : “Our manager told me to come here because I’m nicer than he is – but it’s political, and I need you to take your masks off. ‘

“She said the mask” isn’t working, it’s like using a chain-link fence to keep mosquitoes away and not giving people enough oxygen, “Wester said in her post.

The mother said when he was born Austin found out he had cystic fibrosis, a genetic condition that causes severe damage to the lungs, digestive system and other organs.

“Cystic fibrosis is a very life-threatening disorder,” Wester continued, “and if my son got COVID he would have to be hospitalized.”

So, she said, “when my husband and I are out, which is not often the case, we choose to wear a mask.”

“I informed my waitress of this information,” she said, “and she told me she could close my check for me if that was a problem.

“Very well,” Wester said. “My husband and I left without a scene. “

The owner, identified only as

The owner, identified only as “Tom”, told CBS DFW he would continue to enforce his no-mask rule

He said his restaurant (pictured) is privately owned and he has the right to refuse service to customers wearing masks

Now, however, the owner, identified only by CBS as “Tom,” defends his no-mask policy, telling CBS DFW that his restaurant is privately owned and that he has every right to refuse service to a customer. .

“I spent my money in the business, my blood, sweat and tears in this business, and I don’t want masks here,” he said, adding: “I think the overall reaction wearing masks is ridiculous in the United States right now. ‘

Her restaurant has no sign warning patrons of the policy, reports CBS DFW, so the hostess tells everyone to take off their masks when they enter.

“So when they put on their masks the other night, they were reminded to take it off in the front,” he said of Wester and her husband. “They didn’t want to, so we asked them to leave.

Tom said he didn’t know they had an immunocompromised baby, but he strongly believes people can’t wear masks in his business – a rule he said he would continue to enforce.

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Labor shortage leading to worker robots? How companies test them https://horseshoeloungeaustin.com/labor-shortage-leading-to-worker-robots-how-companies-test-them/ https://horseshoeloungeaustin.com/labor-shortage-leading-to-worker-robots-how-companies-test-them/#respond Sun, 19 Sep 2021 15:37:16 +0000 https://horseshoeloungeaustin.com/labor-shortage-leading-to-worker-robots-how-companies-test-them/

Many employers are increasingly concerned about the labor shortage, as there are more job opportunities than unemployed people.

In a New York Times editorialDavid Autor, economics professor at MIT, wrote that “the United States does not have a problem with the quantity of jobs; on the contrary, they have a problem of job quality ”.

Some unemployed Americans are looking for work, but not in a rush. They cite COVID fears, care responsibilities and a financial cushion among the reasons not to join the workforce. Autor noted that “our economy has generated a large number of low-paid and economically precarious jobs with little prospect of career advancement.”

Unemployment payments are believed to have slowed hiring in industries like restaurants, retailers and hospitality.

A minor solution to the labor shortage may soon arrive.

“Labor shortages will start to ease in September and this fall, but it won’t be an immediate fix,” economist Dante DeAntonio of Moody’s Analytics told USA Today. “It could well unfold over two, three years.”

What happens to the labor market so far?

A recent CNN report gave insight into how the labor shortage has led a Dallas restaurant to hire robots for $ 15 a day.

Espartaco Borga, the owner of La Duni Latin Cafe, told CNN that he had struggled to find busboys and other employees to fill the positions, as businesses began to reopen after the pandemic.

“All of a sudden we had 50 to 100% more business than we had, even before COVID, with a third of the staff. So everyone was overwhelmed, overworked and frustrated, both the customers and staff, ”Borga said.

“The only part that didn’t come back were the employees.”

Borga reached out to American Robotech, a robotics company specializing in autonomous contactless delivery to explore his options.

“The next day they showed up, they mapped out the restaurant and they assigned the table numbers within 45 minutes,” he said.

“After a day, the girl in the show line was in love with it because her arm didn’t hurt after wearing 60 trays in one day.”

American Robotech explains on its website that its robots are created to increase the efficiency of rotation in restaurants.

American Robotech’s website provides a profile of its HolaBot, which reads: “Holabot is a multi-scenario collection robot that innovatively applies an autonomous robot to the areas of food, office, hospitality. industry and others. Equipped with large volume, high load capacity, pager function, gesture recognition and voice control module, HolaBot can increase the efficiency of treatment in restaurants.

Borga explained that the robots don’t take anyone’s work because no one wants to work. “No one wants to work in the hospitality industry right now,” he said.

Borga said the costs saved by robot employees will help him pay more for his human employees to do less work.

“They don’t even see them for what they are, which is a tablet on wheels,” he said. “They see them as part of the service experience because these bots have a personality, they can interact. If you touch them, they laugh and they tell you things.”

Robots work to make things easier for the client and the server. The robots help the waiters greet customers, bring food to the table and sing “Happy Birthday”.

Robotics to fill the labor shortage goes beyond restaurants. Amazon grabbed attention in June with warehouses to present robots called “Ernie” and “Bert”. In May, the Wall Street Journal reported on a Tennessee-based logistics services company that was using autonomous robotics to help fill online orders and even looked at autonomous tractors to tow carts with pallets. .

There are a number of companies that offer robot rental services. In August, Reuters compiled a list that included Locus Robotics, Path Robotics, Rapid Robotics, Fetch Robotics, Vicarious and Formic Technologies.

Reuters cited how Westec Plastics, a small, California-based plastic molding plant, leased three robots from Rapid Robotics at a cost of up to $ 3,750 per month per robot.

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No mask policy is applied at the North Texas restaurant – CBS Dallas / Fort Worth https://horseshoeloungeaustin.com/no-mask-policy-is-applied-at-the-north-texas-restaurant-cbs-dallas-fort-worth/ https://horseshoeloungeaustin.com/no-mask-policy-is-applied-at-the-north-texas-restaurant-cbs-dallas-fort-worth/#respond Sun, 19 Sep 2021 03:22:53 +0000 https://horseshoeloungeaustin.com/no-mask-policy-is-applied-at-the-north-texas-restaurant-cbs-dallas-fort-worth/

Cooler weather ahead for North Texas this coming week!Fall temperatures are on their way to North Texas this coming week, just in time for the Texas State Fair!

Fall is back at the Dallas Arboretum!Fall is officially back at the Dallas Arboretum!

US plans to return Haitians to homelandThe United States plans to return Haitian migrants to their country of origin.

No mask policy applied at the North Texas restaurantA family in North Texas has been told to leave a Rowlett restaurant for breaking its no-mask policy.

Your news from Saturday, September 18Your news from Saturday, September 18

“Children are not so safe at school”: teenage twins get vaccinated at Fair ParkThe twins say their classmates consistently test positive for COVID-19, and they wanted to do their part to slow the spread.

Fort Worth Symphony returns to Bass HallSeveral performances are scheduled this weekend.

Saturday morning weather updateWarm days ahead until a cold front Tuesday brings us more seasonal temperatures.

Beautiful sunny SaturdayThe top will be in the bottom of the 90s.

Plano police lieutenant dies due to complications from COVID-19Lieutenant Earnest Oldham began his career with the Plano Police Department on January 27, 1992.

Governor Abbott signs $ 2 billion Texas border security bill in Fort WorthThe governor enacted the bill in Fort Worth because of the efforts of the Fort Worth police to get it passed.

COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on mental health and led to more drug abuse, CDC saysRobin Williams spoke with CBS 11 about his ordeal during last year’s pandemic and stressed the importance of getting help before it’s too late.

Octogenarian roster from North Texas for the Dallas Golden GamesCBS 11 photojournalist Mike Kinney catches up with cyclist Ernie McAfee, 83.

North Texas Parents Plan Coming Home Dance After School District Cancels Due To COVID-19Parents determined to give their children a normal school year are hosting a homecoming dance on their own, after Northwest ISD decided to cancel the tradition over concerns about the spread of COVID-19.

Cook Children Halts Elective Surgeries Due to Staff and Bed Shortages During COVID-19 OutbreakThe Cook Children’s Medical Center announced Thursday evening, September 16, that it was postponing all elective surgeries requiring hospitalization to October 11 or later.

North Texas man shows off his Star Wars costume at fan exhibitCBS 11 photojournalist Mike Kinney introduces us to Phil Grubenhoff, a man from North Texas excited to show off his elaborate costume at the Star Wars Fan Expo in Dallas.

Brief information from Friday eveningHere is what made the news on Friday September 17th.

Meet the creator of one of Fan Expo’s Dallas attractionsYou never know which characters you might see walking around. Including a 7ft tall cyborg.

Friday afternoon weather updateA hot, dry weekend, but cooler temperatures arrive next week.

It’s mom season in North TexasHigh school football crowds are big and moms are bigger.

Governor Abbott signs $ 2 billion Texas border security bill in Fort WorthThe governor enacted the bill in Fort Worth because of the efforts of the Fort Worth police to get it passed.

FULL NEWS CONFERENCE: Governor Greg Abbott signs legislation that adds nearly $ 2 billion to border security in TexasWith the stroke of a pen, Governor Greg Abbott has agreed to Texas spending nearly $ 2 billion on border security.

Texas doctor says he’s still punished for trying to save lives during COVID-19Dr Hasan Gokal was fired from his job and charged with a felony, after distributing doses of the COVID vaccine that were about to expire. Katie Johnston reports.

11am weather update with Anne Elise Parks11am weather update with Anne Elise Parks

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Collin County adopts the budget and property tax rate; Frisco prioritizes development of parks and trails, plus other DFW news https://horseshoeloungeaustin.com/collin-county-adopts-the-budget-and-property-tax-rate-frisco-prioritizes-development-of-parks-and-trails-plus-other-dfw-news/ https://horseshoeloungeaustin.com/collin-county-adopts-the-budget-and-property-tax-rate-frisco-prioritizes-development-of-parks-and-trails-plus-other-dfw-news/#respond Sat, 18 Sep 2021 12:00:00 +0000 https://horseshoeloungeaustin.com/collin-county-adopts-the-budget-and-property-tax-rate-frisco-prioritizes-development-of-parks-and-trails-plus-other-dfw-news/ New light fixtures are being installed in the Cannaday Recreation Area near Clark Middle School. The 4-acre park is being redeveloped into a sports training center. A budget of $ 500,000 will provide the neighborhood with an obstacle course similar to that of the television show “American Ninja Warrior”. (Courtesy of the City of Frisco)

Read the most popular business and community news from the past week in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Collin County passes $ 411 million budget with new property tax rate

County Judge Chris Hill noted that as the population of Collin County continues to increase, the county will continue to see property tax revenues increase despite not increasing the tax rate.

Frisco gives priority to the development of parks and trails

“The way parks have been used has changed dramatically over the past two decades. People tend to be more active now, and we’ve seen that especially in the last 18 or 24 months with the pandemic, ”said Frisco Pro Mayor Tem Bill Woodard.

Plano ISD to pilot Virtual Academy program for K-6 students

Governor Greg Abbott enacted Senate Bill 15 on September 9, according to the Texas Legislature Online System. This bill, drafted by Senator Larry Taylor, R-Friendswood, allows independent school districts and open enrollment charter schools to offer virtual programs without cutting state funding.

Here are 5 updates on construction projects in Frisco

The projects include work on Legacy Drive, Town and Country Boulevard, Meadow Hill Drive, Panther Creek Parkway and Fields Parkway.

The Fire & Ice sports bar in Frisco is closed

Signage was removed from the facade of the building and the bar’s phone number was disconnected.

Matt Payne and William C. Wadsack contributed to this report.

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Major Development Directed to Fort Worth Cultural District – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth https://horseshoeloungeaustin.com/major-development-directed-to-fort-worth-cultural-district-nbc-5-dallas-fort-worth/ https://horseshoeloungeaustin.com/major-development-directed-to-fort-worth-cultural-district-nbc-5-dallas-fort-worth/#respond Sat, 18 Sep 2021 02:35:19 +0000 https://horseshoeloungeaustin.com/major-development-directed-to-fort-worth-cultural-district-nbc-5-dallas-fort-worth/

Fort Worth developer is betting big on his hometown. John Goff brings his prestigious Crescent real estate, known to many Dallas residents, to Cowtown.

With great pride, Goff walked between Fort Worth’s famous Modern Art and Kimbell Museums, near where his new $ 250 million Crescent development will be located. Goff announced the luxury project earlier this year,

“It’s time. Fort Worth is ready for a first class hotel. I think this has been necessary for some time,” said Goff.

The development is just a rendering, but in two years the Crescent will have a 200-room luxury hotel, restaurant, rooftop lounge, offices and 170 residential units in the heart of Fort Worth’s cultural district. .

Many developers have tried unsuccessfully to make a project like this for many years. Goff said relationships with nearby museums helped him gain trust.

“I think, above all, that we are local. We live here. So we are not an out-of-town promoter trying to exert our influence. We love these museums. We respect the architecture and the limitations that they say they need in this development and they were frankly very easy to get around for us.

Goff said it will look and feel different from developing the Dallas Crescent; relaxed but sophisticated.

Photos: Crescent Real Estate Brings $ 250 Million Luxury Development to Cowtown Cultural District

“I like to call it the Fort Worth Lounge. So when you walk past you are going to want to come in and have a rest, have a drink, have dinner, see some friends.

Goff, who co-chaired Fort Worth Now, which has focused on getting back to business during the pandemic, said jobs will arrive at the hotel and Canyon Ranch, as well as an urban wellness center that will be also included.

“We are bouncing back. The problem is getting employees and that continues to be a struggle across the country at all of our properties, especially the hotels. It’s coming back, ”Goff said.

The project is certainly not Goff’s first developing rodeo, but for him, he says, it’s personal.

“I love this city. It’s a wonderful place to build a business, develop a family and I feel like I owe it something,” said Goff.

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LA’s best-kept food secret comes to Dallas https://horseshoeloungeaustin.com/las-best-kept-food-secret-comes-to-dallas/ https://horseshoeloungeaustin.com/las-best-kept-food-secret-comes-to-dallas/#respond Fri, 17 Sep 2021 15:07:46 +0000 https://horseshoeloungeaustin.com/las-best-kept-food-secret-comes-to-dallas/

North Texas will be the first market outside SoCal to host an exclusive subscription service – Off The Menu Club – launched September 26

LA's best-kept food secret comes to DallasDallas, Texas (RestaurantNews.comWhether you’re diving into delicious queso and margaritas at a posh Tex-Mex restaurant or indulging in top-quality beef brisket at an authentic Texan barbecue, it’s not secret that Dallas‘ vibrant and diverse food scene is one of a kind.

This is why the Big D will soon welcome Club off the menu, a popular subscription service that gives local foodies an exclusive new way to experience more restaurants – and well-known menu items – across the region. Currently only available in Los Angeles and Orange County, Off The Menu (OTM) Club debuts in Dallas on Sunday, September 26!

For only $ 20 per month, members receive one free secret menu item per day from a carefully selected list of establishments that partner with Off The Menu. Every Sunday, new restaurants are published on the OTM app with seven new secret menu items.

To become a member, Dallas residents can sign up on the waiting list at offthemenuco.com/dallas. When the app officially launches, those on the list will receive an invite code to sign up and share with their friends. As soon as the subscription is activated, it’s time to eat! Members simply show the phone app to their server to use the free menu items on offer.

This is one deal you’ll want to close early on, both to lock in the introductory price of the $ 20 subscription and to take advantage of some exciting new items – like a Buffalo Chicken Pizza Bagel, Strawberry Waffle with fried chicken, spicy grilled fajita cheese and more – from a wide variety of local favorites such as Christie’s Sports Bar, Dahlia on Ross, Harper’s, The Rustic and more.

“Off The Menu has developed a cult following since its launch in Los Angeles, so we can’t wait to expand into another great food city like Dallas and show everyone what our unique membership is all about,” said the founder. and CEO Lawrence. Longo. “The OTM Club is the golden ticket to enjoying a rare dining experience at popular local eateries and underground eateries that you may not have tried yet. At just $ 20 per month, members can enjoy a different secret menu item each day at some of the area’s most popular restaurants. We look forward to giving our members even more reasons to explore Dallas’ incredible food scene.

OTM Club will initially feature restaurants across Dallas and surrounding suburbs, such as Plano, Addison, and Frisco. Plans are already underway to expand Club coverage to other Lone Star State cities, including Fort Worth. To learn more about Off The Menu, visit offthemenuco.com.

About Off menu

Founded in 2015 by Lawrence Longo, Off The Menu is a monthly subscription service that gives members exclusive access to one free secret menu item per day from a list of organized restaurants in Los Angeles and County. ‘Orange. The company is launching the app in Dallas in September and plans to expand it to other cities in the future. For more information visit offthemenuco.com.

Cami Studebaker
Champion management

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