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If you forgot to refuel for your wine party, don’t worry. DoorDash has just announced a major expansion of its alcohol delivery services.

Major users can now have beer, wine and spirits delivered to their doorsteps in 20 states, including Texas, the company said on Monday. It is not yet clear which other states will have this option.

“Over the past year, many cities where we operate have changed their legislation to allow delivery of alcohol to residents’ homes. During this time, we have worked tirelessly to create a trusted alcohol ordering and delivery experience for merchants, customers and Dasher, ”said Caitlin Macnamara, Director of Strategy and Operations. alcohol at DoorDash. “We are committed to providing new revenue opportunities for Merchants and Dashers, a safe and high-quality experience for customers and to be a responsible leader in the delivery of compliant alcohol. “

The addition of alcohol deliveries could increase the average order value of restaurants and grocers by up to 30% and convenience stores by more than 50%, the company said.

Prior to that, the food delivery service made alcohol deliveries for national and local businesses through its white label distribution service, DoorDash Drive. And since May, Texas restaurants could legally sell take-out alcohol on a permanent basis.

DoorDash said it will also add security features including prepayment, identity verification and partnerships with Responsibility.org and SADD – aimed at promoting alcohol responsibility and preventing alcohol consumption. alcohol in minors.

The process of ordering adult drinks at home from the app is fairly straightforward. DoorDash users can switch to the Alcohol tab in the app to browse and order from a selection of drinks at restaurants, grocery stores, local retailers and convenience stores.

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Odessa restaurant reflects on new industry challenges https://horseshoeloungeaustin.com/odessa-restaurant-reflects-on-new-industry-challenges/ https://horseshoeloungeaustin.com/odessa-restaurant-reflects-on-new-industry-challenges/#respond Tue, 21 Sep 2021 23:52:00 +0000 https://horseshoeloungeaustin.com/odessa-restaurant-reflects-on-new-industry-challenges/ The Curb Side Bistro co-owner told NewsWest 9 that employees and staff are limited, but so are the products and products they need to function.

ODESSA, Texas – Many restaurateurs face tough decisions when it comes to running their businesses. It ranges from hiring employees to purchasing essentials. The pandemic has complicated everything.

NewsWest 9 spoke with a restaurant owner who said it had been like a “perfect storm” – employees and staff are limited, but so are the products and products they need to operate.

Alejandro Barrientos, chef and co-owner of Curb Side Bistro, told NewsWest 9 that restaurants are struggling to get the items they need. It ranges from meats to fruits and vegetables.

“Same with our products, you might get a call saying ‘Hey, remember all those potatoes you ordered? Well, we only have half of it, “” Barrientos said. “We have been very blessed, but it has been a real 180 restaurant manager until before the pandemic.”

Barrientos said finding his products takes longer and affects his restaurant.

“We used to do chef specials and it allowed me to express some of my creativity, but now I’m afraid to do specials due to the lack of products,” said Barrientos. “And if I presented it on Tuesday and Thursday, I don’t have some parts left, so that limits us on some things we can do.”

Despite the headaches Barrientos went through, he remains grateful to the community.

He took to social media to say “thank you” for the support, but also to ask for patience.

“We will promote whenever we win a prize or when we win a competition, but we will also promote when we have difficulties or problems,” said Barrientos. “The community comes out and helps us more than they realize.”

Barrientos said their menu will stay the same for now and hope not to change it in the future.

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How will the new vaccine mandate affect restaurants and bars? Good question https://horseshoeloungeaustin.com/how-will-the-new-vaccine-mandate-affect-restaurants-and-bars-good-question/ https://horseshoeloungeaustin.com/how-will-the-new-vaccine-mandate-affect-restaurants-and-bars-good-question/#respond Tue, 21 Sep 2021 09:00:00 +0000 https://horseshoeloungeaustin.com/how-will-the-new-vaccine-mandate-affect-restaurants-and-bars-good-question/

Since President Joe Biden’s announcement that companies with more than 100 employees must require their employees to be vaccinated for COVID or test unvaccinated employees weekly, there have been more questions than answers. While the idea of ​​ending the pandemic appeals to restaurateurs, especially after the crushing effects on the industry over the past 18 months, no one seems happy with this new directive.

The questions abound: are the deductibles included in the mandate? Who pays for the weekly tests? Who manages the verification and testing process? Will it help or hurt the labor shortage in the leisure industry? How will the guests react?

Many attempts to elicit comments from restaurateurs ended in silence, but who could blame them? The last thing they need is an angry customer at the hostess booth.

The editors of News from the nation’s restaurants discussed the tenure in a recent podcast, trying to collectively figure out what this means for the industry. Editor-in-chief Sam Oches said it was unfortunate that restaurant chefs were entrusted with this app. “It should be something that (…) people should be galvanized to do it themselves. We shouldn’t expect business owners to be the ones to enforce this, but that’s exactly what it is.

This Saturday the the Wall Street newspaper reports turbulent previous efforts to immunize Americans (and settlers). In 1777, George Washington immunized his troops with variolation – a process in which healthy individuals are exposed under their skin to the pus of patients with the disease.

Those inoculated would usually get a relatively mild case of the often fatal and disfiguring disease, although some would die. Some colonies have banned the procedure because vaccinated patients used to break quarantine after exposure, spreading the disease to others. However, as endemic smallpox epidemics threatened to destroy the Continental Army, Washington mandated smallpox against the will of its troops, and it worked.

Restaurants are certainly looking to end the year with a good holiday season. But, sick employees and nervous diners don’t help the results.

Editor-in-chief at RRNLisa Jenning said on their podcast that most people in the industry are pretty optimistic about the holidays so far, but added, “I think vaccinations are part of it and we’re going to see more of it. requirements for that. ”

When asked directly if vaccines are good for business, Dean Stansel, an economist at the Bridwell Institute for Economic Freedom at SMU Cox, said they are as they are helping end a global pandemic. : “Yes, you could say vaccines are good for business. . However, legally requiring private companies to ensure their workforce is vaccinated or can produce a negative COVID test weekly would place new administrative burdens on them that would be detrimental to their bottom line. ”

Who will be responsible for managing vaccine documentation and verification? Also, who pays for testing for unvaccinated employees?

“The administrative cost of confirming vaccination and weekly negative COVID tests for the unvaccinated would be particularly heavy for small businesses, such as restaurants, as they generally do not have large HR departments capable of handling this activity,” Stansel said. “Additionally, since employees would need time off to get vaccinated and tested, planning would be more complicated, which can be particularly problematic in restaurants.”

Kelsey Erickson Streufert is vice president of government relations and advocacy with the Texas Restaurant Association. She says that while they share President Biden’s goal of increasing the number of fully vaccinated Americans, they are seriously concerned about how the new term will affect restaurants in Texas.

Streufert points out that the restaurant industry has taken the lead in many vaccination efforts and will continue to do so because it is good for public health and for economic recovery.

“At the same time, we need to recognize the burden the new mandate is likely to place on an industry that is already seeing its hard-fought recovery reversed due to severe labor shortages, rising feed costs. at their fastest pace in seven years, and declining revenues, ”Streufert wrote in a statement.

She says this case is only getting worse in that it lands the same month when a tax credit that helps restaurants and other small businesses provide paid time off to employees getting a COVID-19 vaccine is set to expire. .

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Rapper Drake invests in Nashville hot chicken restaurant in Dallas https://horseshoeloungeaustin.com/rapper-drake-invests-in-nashville-hot-chicken-restaurant-in-dallas/ https://horseshoeloungeaustin.com/rapper-drake-invests-in-nashville-hot-chicken-restaurant-in-dallas/#respond Mon, 20 Sep 2021 21:23:53 +0000 https://horseshoeloungeaustin.com/rapper-drake-invests-in-nashville-hot-chicken-restaurant-in-dallas/

Rapper Drake invested in Dave’s Hot Chicken, Bloomberg reports.

The spicy chicken business has exploded in popularity since it started in a parking lot in Los Angeles in May 2017. The business now has 22 restaurants, including one in Far North Dallas.

Another Dave’s will soon open in Plano.

Here is Combo # 2, served on opening day of Dave’s Hot Chicken in Far North Dallas.(Lola Gomez / Staff Photographer)

Dave’s Hot Chicken has a small menu of chicken fillets, chicken sliders with kale salad and fries. Chicken can be available in seven spice levels, and those who order the hottest, the “harvester,” must sign an actual waiver.

The company already had famous investors in Boston Red Sox president Tom Werner and actor Samuel L. Jackson, Bloomberg reports. Bill Phelps, co-founder of Wetzel’s Pretzels, and John Davis, film producer, also help grow the business. And now Drake is among them.

“I tried the food and it was amazing,” Drake said in a statement. “After meeting the founders and hearing their stories, I jumped at the opportunity to invest.

The company did not disclose the terms of its minority stake.

Combo # 2 is a popular order at Dave's Hot Chicken.  These are two sliders, each with a kale salad, pickles, and a mayonnaise-based sauce called Dave's sauce.

Dave’s co-owners are a group of lucky Armenian buddies who named the company after Chef Dave Kopushyan, one of their four founders. He was a vegetarian but, you know, things have changed.

Business leaders said The morning news from Dallas When Dave’s opened in Dallas in May 2021, they sold the franchise rights to open more than 400 Dave’s Hot Chickens across the United States.

If you’re into chicken stories, take a look at this: There’s a new bird-themed restaurant in Uptown Dallas.

The first Dave’s Hot Chicken to open in Texas is at 14750 Preston Road (between Spring Valley and Belt Line roads) in Dallas. It opened on May 28, 2021.

For more food information, follow Sarah Blaskovich on Twitter at @sblaskovich.

Drake is a new investor in Dave's Hot Chicken.
Drake is a new investor in Dave’s Hot Chicken.(Courtesy of Dave’s Hot Chicken)

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DoorDash will soon deliver alcohol to customers https://horseshoeloungeaustin.com/doordash-will-soon-deliver-alcohol-to-customers/ https://horseshoeloungeaustin.com/doordash-will-soon-deliver-alcohol-to-customers/#respond Mon, 20 Sep 2021 13:30:35 +0000 https://horseshoeloungeaustin.com/doordash-will-soon-deliver-alcohol-to-customers/

A DoorDash Inc. delivery guy has a thermal bag at Chef Geoff’s restaurant in Washington, DC, United States on Thursday, March 26, 2020. Jeff Tracy’s restaurant, a coronavirus pandemic package, uses GoFundMe to fund 150 workers every hour at American Eve Comfort Foods Chef Jeff and other restaurants. I get myself.

Bloomberg | Bloomberg | Getty Images

According to DoorDash, Monday shoppers can now purchase alcohol directly from the app.

This effort will expand the company’s reach and allow you to order drinks directly from the app, which may lead to more frequent use of the app. DoorDash said the addition of alcohol delivery could increase the average value of restaurant orders by up to 30%.

The company did not immediately say which states would allow this option. Alcohol will be available through the DoroDash app in 20 states in Washington, DC, Canada and Australia, and will reach more than 100 million customers worldwide, according to DoorDash.

Senior customers can switch to the Alcohol tab in the DoorDash app to order beer, wine, and spirits at local restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores, and retailers. The company said it will verify the buyer’s identity in the app and during distribution.

Prior to Monday’s announcement, national and local merchants could serve alcohol through DoorDash Drive, DoorDash’s white-label distribution service, where concert workers deliver orders directly to merchants.

The move will also make DoorDash even more competitive against its distribution competitor Uber. Traditionally viewed as a ridesharing app, Uber has passed a pandemic to bolster its Uber Eats business. Earlier this year, it acquired alcohol delivery startup Drizly for $ 1.1 billion.

DoorDash, launched last December, has also benefited from food delivery trends over the past year. The company’s stock price began trading at $ 182 per share on December 9, 2020 and closed at $ 223 on Friday, up about 22.5%. It has a market cap of around $ 74.9 billion, just below Uber’s market cap of $ 75.3 billion.

Subscribe to CNBC on YouTube.

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BLM protest planned at New York restaurant where scuffle over proof of vaccination occurred https://horseshoeloungeaustin.com/blm-protest-planned-at-new-york-restaurant-where-scuffle-over-proof-of-vaccination-occurred/ https://horseshoeloungeaustin.com/blm-protest-planned-at-new-york-restaurant-where-scuffle-over-proof-of-vaccination-occurred/#respond Sun, 19 Sep 2021 22:29:08 +0000 https://horseshoeloungeaustin.com/blm-protest-planned-at-new-york-restaurant-where-scuffle-over-proof-of-vaccination-occurred/

A Black Lives Matter protest is scheduled to take place outside Italian restaurant Carmine’s in New York on Monday, where a physical row erupted Thursday over COVID vaccination cards.

Hawk Newsome, co-founder and president of BLM Greater New York, said The New York Times Saturday that the group will protest the treatment of black customers. The protest plan comes after new details reportedly revealed that the restaurant hostess said a racial insult to a group of five black women trying to enter.

“Restaurants use vaccination warrants to uphold their racist beliefs and exclude black customers,” Newsome said.

On Thursday, a group of five women from Texas physically assaulted the restaurant hostess after she said their vaccination cards were fake, but one of the women’s attorney, Kaeita Nkeenge Rankin, described the fight as ” mutual fight “.

Rankin’s attorney, Justin Moore, said the hostess had spoken condescendingly to the women by suggesting their vaccination cards were fake.

“The hostess starts spouting derogatory comments and talking with two of the women; they claim the N word is being vomited,” Moore told the Times. “They also heard the hostess say, ‘Yeah, you can leave my restaurant,’ or something very aggressive like that. When Dr Rankin hears that, she turns around and addresses the hostess. says, “This is not your restaurant. You are just a staff member here. Please address us with respect. ‘”

Restaurant lawyer Carolyn Richmond denied the request and told the Times that “nothing in this incident suggests race was a problem.”

“The pandemic has added a key responsibility to the host position: ensuring the safety and health of all employees and guests by verifying proof of vaccination in accordance with New York law,” said Richmond.

News week has contacted Carmine’s, Richmond, BLM and Moore for comment, but has not had a response at time of posting.

According to Times, Texas women face assault and criminal mischief charges. They are due in court on October 5.

A spokesperson for Carmine confirmed on Friday News week that the women physically assaulted the 22-year-old hostess. According to Daily News, police said they repeatedly hit the hostess and tore off her collar.

“It is a shocking and tragic situation when one of our valued employees is assaulted for doing their job – as city policies demand – and for trying to make a living,” the spokesperson said. News week Friday. “Our goal right now is to take care of our employees and the rest of our restaurant family. We are a family style restaurant, and this is the absolute last experience that one of our employees should have and that all customers are witnesses. “

Police said three of the women were released after receiving assault tickets.

The physical dispute has sparked outrage in New York City’s hotel industry as the city this week began enforcing proof of vaccination requirements for gyms, entertainment venues and restaurants.

A Black Lives Matter protest is reportedly scheduled at Carmine’s restaurant in New York City, where a physical row erupted Thursday over COVID vaccination cards. Some people involved claim that a racial insult was used. Above, a sign in a restaurant window informs customers that they will need to prove they are at least partially vaccinated against COVID-19 on August 20 in New York City.
Photo by Spencer Platt / Getty Images

“Assaulting a restaurant worker for doing his job is heinous and should be punished. We call on the city and state of New York to immediately increase penalties for assaults on restaurant workers in New York in conjunction with the enforcement of COVID-19 protocols, “Andrew Rigie executive director of NYC Hospitality Alliance, wrote on Twitter Friday.

A spokesperson for Mayor Bill de Blasio said News week that the city has provided restaurants with conflict resolution training in recent weeks that could help restaurant workers deal with similar situations.

“This disgusting and violent behavior [at Carmine’s restaurant] has no place in New York – and that is totally unacceptable against service workers who ensure the safety of staff and customers, ”the spokesperson said.

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Pictures reveal new details in tourist fray at New York restaurant https://horseshoeloungeaustin.com/pictures-reveal-new-details-in-tourist-fray-at-new-york-restaurant/ https://horseshoeloungeaustin.com/pictures-reveal-new-details-in-tourist-fray-at-new-york-restaurant/#respond Sun, 19 Sep 2021 02:16:18 +0000 https://horseshoeloungeaustin.com/pictures-reveal-new-details-in-tourist-fray-at-new-york-restaurant/

Amid the dueling accounts, a Black Lives Matter activist said his group was planning to demonstrate outside Carmine’s on Monday to protest the treatment of black customers. “Restaurants use vaccination warrants to uphold their racist beliefs and exclude black customers,” said Hawk Newsome, co-founder and president of Black Lives Matter Greater New York.

Restaurants in New York City are wondering how best to meet Mayor Bill de Blasio’s new mandate that requires people to prove they’ve received at least one dose of a vaccine against the virus before dining at the interior. The city began enforcing the rule on Monday.

Most of the burden of law enforcement falls on restaurant employees, especially front desk staff who are usually the first to interact with customers.

In addition to Dr Rankin, 44, police identified the other women arrested as Tyonnie Keshay Rankin, 21, of Humble, Texas, and Sally Rechelle Lewis, 49, of Houston. They were released with a court date of October 5.

In Thursday’s statement, police said the three women beat the unidentified hostess “several times with closed fists.” He also said the hostess suffered “bruises and scratches on her face, chest and arm”. She is resting at home, a restaurant representative said.

Images reviewed by The Times do not include sound, but do suggest that tension was already brewing between the hostess and guests before the melee began.

In the footage, after both men are refused entry, a waiter, dressed in a white apron, comes out and talks to the hostess, gesturing as if to explain something. Next, footage shows the group of six leaving the restaurant. The hostess leans forward and says something, and the waiter pulls her back with his arms around her shoulder and slaps her, perhaps to keep her from engaging with them.

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While you weren’t watching, Dallas Tango Room’s secluded steakhouse opened in the Design District https://horseshoeloungeaustin.com/while-you-werent-watching-dallas-tango-rooms-secluded-steakhouse-opened-in-the-design-district/ https://horseshoeloungeaustin.com/while-you-werent-watching-dallas-tango-rooms-secluded-steakhouse-opened-in-the-design-district/#respond Sat, 18 Sep 2021 20:50:46 +0000 https://horseshoeloungeaustin.com/while-you-werent-watching-dallas-tango-rooms-secluded-steakhouse-opened-in-the-design-district/

A new restaurant named Tango Room opened on September 17, 2021 in the Dallas Design District, serving steak, pasta and seafood as well as a glitzy bar menu of lobster corndogs and eggs stuffed with seafood. truffles.

It arose quietly, after more than a year of waiting.

Most dishes at Tango Room Restaurant in Dallas come with the option of fine additions like lobster, foie gras and caviar. Here are the devil eggs with a slice of black truffle as a top hat.

We named it one of the most exciting restaurants to open in 2020, but that didn’t happen.

It was due to open in April 2020, in place of FT33, chef Matt McCallister’s inventive restaurant which closed in 2018. Hi Line Drive restaurant is now in new hands: Tango Room comes from Headington Companies, the group that owns the restaurant. Joule Hotel, Midnight Rambler Cocktail Bar, Commissary and Other Bakery and Take-Out Store, and Southern The Porch Restaurant on Henderson Avenue in Dallas.

Tango Room is the fanciest restaurant in Headington’s portfolio, now that downtown Dallas’ Mirador restaurant has closed. Tango Room has its own sexy take on as a modern steakhouse.

“We took what we loved about the quintessential steakhouse and then gave it our own fingerprints: high, unexpected, thoughtful,” says executive chef Kylil Henson. He previously worked at Stephan Pyles Flora Street Cafe and Oak in Dallas and DBGB by Daniel Boulud in Washington, DC

Tango Room’s upscale and exclusive vibe reflects an ultra-luxury trend we’ve seen at other new high-end restaurants in Dallas, such as the 17-course, 12-seat Japanese restaurant Shoyo; the $ 2,200 Nusr-Et steak restaurant; and on the 49th floor Italian den Monarch. At all of these places, prices can skyrocket.

Dallas chef Jimmy Park will open a sushi restaurant on Greenville Avenue in Dallas in 2021.

Tango Room is small – only 12 cabins and a bar – and diners can order a very expensive dinner if they wish. Caviar is priced at $ 250 and steaks can cost up to $ 105 per person. Add seared foie gras for $ 25 or lobster for $ 28. The oversized plates, which will feed multiple people, include a 40-ounce $ 195 porterhouse steak, served with cauliflower gratin and horseradish cream.

The bar snacks are less of a folly and show a more playful side to the restaurant. Lobster corn dogs cost $ 15 and duck wings cost $ 17.

We should all consider the Tango Burger, which is unlike most other candle-lit burgers in town – and there are plenty of them. This one is a dry aged beef patty with yuzu aioli, IPA pickles, black truffle and a Swiss cheese called raclette. It’s $ 20.

Other dishes on the menu include steak tartare, bacon steak, celeriac soup, seared salmon and two pastas: tango bolognese, a papardelle dish with whipped burrata and foie gras; and frutti di mare, a dish of spaghetti with candied tomatoes.

In the 17 months since Tango Room opened, the Headington team has reinvented the dining room. “You won’t recognize it,” says Michael Siegel, director of food and beverage at Headington Companies.

The team also did “a lot, a lot of wine collection,” he says. The wine list was created by Simon Roberts, restaurant co-owner and owner of Graileys Fine Wines.

The group hopes Tango Room feels like a secluded restaurant worth the wait.

“It looks like a private club, like a restaurant,” says Siegel. “When people come, they look around and say, ‘There is nothing like it in Dallas.'”

The Tango Room is located at 1617 Hi Line Dr., Dallas. It opened on September 17, 2021. Reservations are recommended and are available on Resy.

For more food information, follow Sarah Blaskovich on Twitter at @sblaskovich.

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These Dallas restaurants all serve Hawaii-style frozen Dole Whip https://horseshoeloungeaustin.com/these-dallas-restaurants-all-serve-hawaii-style-frozen-dole-whip/ https://horseshoeloungeaustin.com/these-dallas-restaurants-all-serve-hawaii-style-frozen-dole-whip/#respond Sat, 18 Sep 2021 01:43:58 +0000 https://horseshoeloungeaustin.com/these-dallas-restaurants-all-serve-hawaii-style-frozen-dole-whip/

Dallas has seen a surge of Hawaiian food in the past few years, starting with the poke trend in 2018 and more recently with Hawaiian-themed restaurants specializing in comforting “plate lunches” with rice and meat.

All this Hawaiian infusion gives us a little extra sweetness: the frozen treat commonly known as Dole Whip.

This frozen non-dairy ice cream will surprise you as a pleasant refreshing surprise. First, there’s the texture: a perfect ice creamy firmness that melts quickly as you eat it. (They have special machines that make it that way.) And then the flavor: Pineapple is a flavor you might not expect in a soft-serve, where old-fashioned vanilla and chocolate reign supreme.

Formerly known as Dole Whip, now officially Dole Soft Serve, the treat was created by Dole in 1986, who sells it to tourists at their plantation in Hawaii. But it developed a cult following after its introduction to Disney theme parks, which promoted it as an exclusive, even though the blend, made by Iowa-based Kent Precision Foods Group, is available to any. provider.

Six Flags, being another theme park, started serving it in some places in 2012. Six Flags Over Texas got it in 2015, making it one of the few places to get it locally.

It remained a theme park thing until recently, when the Hawaiian town hit, and Dole Whip started to get all the rage. It’s also vegan. Now you can find it not only at Hawaiian themed restaurants, but also at fryo places and a burger stand, in an expanded selection of flavors such as lime, cherry, raspberry, and a new watermelon.

Two catering / food trucks in the Dallas area make it even more accessible. One is a Dole Whip themed food truck called Southern Dole Whips – motto: “You don’t have to go to theme parks anymore to get a Dole Whip.” We can bring them to you! – which publish a monthly calendar of appearances as well as a rotating menu of flavors.

The other, Sweet Frog DFW Mobile, is a Virginia-based food truck chain that mainly offers frozen yogurt, but also Dole Whip flavors.

Here are all of the places you can get Dole Soft-Serve around Dallas:

The AT&T Discovery District food court restaurant / stand in downtown Dallas offers Wagyu burgers topped with queso, fried eggs, bacon and more. But Dole Whip is half the story. After all, they’re called Bobbers Burgers & Whips, so you know Dole is in the house. They still have pineapple, plus a rotating flavor such as mango.

Ice cream in cauldron
The Orange County-based ice cream concept is known for its “puffle” cones which, when filled with their ice cream, create a floral appearance. With flavors like Earl Gray Lavender, they are certainly not mundane. Their line includes “Pineapple Express,” AKA Pineapple Flavored Dole Soft-Serve, which they position as a vegan flavor.

Cinnaholic addison
This chain is home to the decadent but vegan cinnamon bun, topped with frosting, cookie dough, nuts, candy and more. Their vegan profile makes them a logical place to find the Dole Whisk but for now, it’s only at Addison Cinnaholic, where they have two flavors: pineapple and raspberry.

Dole Soft Serve Fruit Swirl at Six Flags Over Texas
Arlington Theme Park is home to a branded booth that sells pineapple and mango flavors. You can get a cone or an extra tall plastic cup that has chopped pineapple on the bottom and Dole Whip on top.

4 Tiki Kahunas Lounge
Arlington Tiki Bar is a haven for drinks like Mai Tai. They have a soft serving of Dole Whip pineapple that you can order with or without alcohol.

The Hawaiian Brothers
The Kansas City-founded fast-casual restaurant chain specializes in island comfort food, including the classic Hawaiian lunch with rice and pulled pork or teriyaki chicken. They are expanding to Dallas-Forth Worth this fall, including a location at 6011 Greenville Ave. in Dallas, which they will open on October 19. They offer Dole Whip in the original pineapple as well as a rotating flavor.

The California frozen yogurt chain was very early on the Dole Whip front and serves it in all of its stores, including eight stores in Allen’s DFW area at Plano in Fort Worth, in the pineapple flavor of origin only.

Pineapple Grill Texas
Pineapple Grill was founded in 2017 as a food trailer and catering business before expanding to a brick and mortar restaurant at 121 E Harwood Rd. In Hurst in December 2018. They are owned and operated by Hawaiians and take great pride in the authenticity of their Hawaiian dishes, from the Spam Musubi Platted Lunches, and of course the Dole Whisk in the Classic Pineapple.

The New York-based poke chain has two DFW locations – one at The Hill in Dallas and the other at Richardson Restaurant Park at 746 S Central Expy. – and they’ve done a good job of going beyond the poke trend with poke, bowls, wraps and salads, all healthy, all satisfying. They serve pineapple Dole Whip, plain or with an optional pinch of ground red pepper.

Pure poke
Frisco’s quick and casual restaurant that offers bowls of poke, salad and rice is by husband and wife John and Sophia Kim. They are lovely and conscientious, from the care they take in preparing the food to serving free miso soup if you dine there. They have a soft serving of Dole Whip pineapple in a generous 9-ounce serving for just $ 3. Come for the Dole Whip, stay for dinner.

The adorable tiki bar at 1802 Greenville Ave. serves rum classics like mai tais, as well as fun drinks for two served in the hollowed-out shell of a fresh pineapple. There is also a menu featuring Polynesian / Hawaiian dishes such as pork, spam, and chicken katsu, but also edamame dip with taro chips and, the reason we’re here, Dole Whip, to taste. pineapple.

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Chick-fil-A restaurant’s long drive-thru line causes traffic problems in Fort Lauderdale https://horseshoeloungeaustin.com/chick-fil-a-restaurants-long-drive-thru-line-causes-traffic-problems-in-fort-lauderdale/ https://horseshoeloungeaustin.com/chick-fil-a-restaurants-long-drive-thru-line-causes-traffic-problems-in-fort-lauderdale/#respond Fri, 17 Sep 2021 22:34:42 +0000 https://horseshoeloungeaustin.com/chick-fil-a-restaurants-long-drive-thru-line-causes-traffic-problems-in-fort-lauderdale/

FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida – The long line at the wheel of a Chick-fil-A restaurant in Fort Lauderdale is causing traffic problems.

Don Friedman, who lives in the area, and Marilyn Scherz, who owns a nearby cigar store, said the line often extends to the North Federal Highway, near Northeast 26th Street. Scherz said people were constantly honking their horns.

“It’s an accident that’s waiting to happen,” Friedman said.

According to the Fort Lauderdale Police Department, there were seven vehicle-related incidents on restaurant property last month, and there were also three traffic-related accidents in the restaurant. The only execution at the moment is related to drivers blocking the intersection.

“There are accidents all the time pretty much every day,” Scherz said. “It’s been like this for months. I call it the Chicken Cult … I don’t know how they can figure it out other than making a turning lane that goes down to the corner.

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The Florida Department of Transportation, Fort Lauderdale Mayor Dean Trantalis, himself caught in the traffic jam, and the restaurant owner are trying to find solutions.

“They are successful. We are happy that they are making money. The reality is that they interfere with others who are trying to get on with their lives … we have to keep the traffic going. It’s on a main thoroughfare, ”Trantalis said.

To avoid the problem, a Chick-fil-A on Biscayne Boulevard in Aventura got rid of the drive-thru lane. Customers therefore order in advance, park at a designated location, and wait for someone to take out their order.

This is not an isolated incident. Similar traffic problems caused by long drive-thru lines at Chick-fil-A restaurants in Ohio and Texas have resulted in lawsuits.

The owner of the Fort Lauderdale restaurant declined to comment on the story, which he called “silly.”

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