Constitutional Portage Begins In Texas September 1 – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

The open carrying of firearms without a license, also known as constitutional port, begins Wednesday in Texas.

As of September 1, concealed gun licenses and training are no longer required for adult gun owners in Texas, joining 20 other states with similar laws.

Supporters say he is removing restrictions to strengthen protection for law-abiding residents. Some law enforcement officers are among the critics.

Gun owner Eddie Law brought a handgun and rifle for target training on Tuesday at the Eagle Gun Range location in Farmers Branch.

“People should know what they are doing when they shoot guns,” he said.

This belief is part of his concerns about the new law, which he generally supports to help responsible residents protect themselves with fewer restrictions.

“But then you can get people with guns who shouldn’t be carrying guns,” Law said.

Background checks will always be necessary, which would prevent some criminals and others from openly buying guns. But the training that was previously required for concealed weapons permits is no longer necessary.

“It’s definitely going to make things more difficult for us,” said Terrance Hopkins, president of the Black Police Association of Greater Dallas.

With more people carrying guns, Hopkins said officers will need to figure out which guns are good and which are bad. He said citizens will face the same challenge.

“You’re going to go out with your family to restaurants and different places and you will see someone carrying a gun and that is going to alarm most people,” Hopkins said.

Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia and other Texas police leaders spoke out against the change in Austin, but the Texas Legislature approved it.

“We are stocked and ready for this,” said David Prince, owner of Eagle Gun Range.

His company sells firearms, offers practice and training courses.

Price said he hoped customers would still sign up for training to make this new gun law safe.

“The reason you buy it is to protect yourself and your family. Well if you are not competent how are you going to protect someone, ”Prince said.

The new law also requires three signs instead of two for companies wishing to ban guns.

Gun owner Eddie Law said he sees more good than bad for the new law.

“The police cannot be everywhere. So I think the best point of view, I think the general population needs better protection, ”Law said.

This was the winning argument in favor of constitutional postponement. It takes effect at midnight Tuesday.

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