Dream Tacos restaurant in Bedford takes tacos up a notch

The Dream Tacos is located in a strip mall in a busy corner of Bedford.

The Dream Tacos is located in a strip mall in a busy corner of Bedford.

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Perhaps the best new taqueria in Texas can be found in Bedford, where a chef puts a gourmet spin on tacos filled with everything from tandoori chicken to beef Wellington.

dream tacos2807 Central Drive, lives up to its rave reviews on social media.

Chief Chetra Chau takes on global tacos, serving everything from bacon banh mi on soft, steamed flour tortillas with the feel of a bao bun.

The Dream Tacos Menu offers fusion tacos with finely chopped fresh vegetables and freshly made sauces, a big improvement over chains like Addison Velvet Tacos.

The Dream Tacos is located in a strip mall in a busy corner of Bedford. kennedy bud [email protected]

Dream Tacos’ only problem has been serving the crowds that come to the restaurant, next to Chetra’s Kitchen Grill & Bistro in the otherwise boring Bedford Central Plaza, across from Twisted Root Burger.

Chau is a longtime partner of the now defunct Main Street Cafe and MS Cafe in Arlington. Later, he was a hotel chef and private chef.

Tacos are served on flour-puffed tortillas at The Dream Tacos in Bedford. kennedy bud [email protected]

He intentionally opened Chetra during the pandemic to start slow and ramp up, he said.

“I’ve wanted to open for a long time, but it was a good time to find a location and get started,” he said.

“I figured if I could survive the pandemic, it would work.”

Chef Chetra Chau worked at an Arlington restaurant and Dallas-Fort Worth hotels before opening in Bedford. Photo to hand out

Chetra’s appetizer tacos – Wellington, a Philly, Vietnamese pork belly or bulgogi – were such hits that he decided to open The Dream Tacos alongside with additional Asian and global flavors.

“I want to show people that there’s more to tacos than meets the eye,” he said.

It is inspired by restaurants in Las Vegas, he said.

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Tacos at The Dream Tacos in Bedford offer a variety of fresh toppings and sauces made to order. Photo to hand out

“If you’re just looking for a good taqueria, I can do that too,” he said.

The fries at Dream Tacos are thin and light, the salsa goes well, and the nachos and quesadillas compare well to other restaurants.

A smoked chicken, Philly or tandoori taco ($7.99) is more than enough for lunch. Or try the chili beef taco relleno ($9.99), sushi taco ($9.99) or lobster-shrimp taco ($13.99).

IMG-4719 (1).jpg
In 2007, Chetra Chau was a partner of Main Street Cafe and MS Cafe in Arlington. Ricky Moon Star-Telegram Archives

The bar menu includes habanero-mango margaritas, martinis, pina coladas, and tiki drinks.

Drawing on his experience in Arlington and Dallas, Chau chose Bedford for his restaurants because “it’s the heart in the center of Dallas-Fort Worth,” he said.

Dream Tacos is open daily for lunch and dinner. 682-503-6373, thedreamtacos.com.

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