Gengis Grill invests in the new brand development strategy

The three-unit deal was signed as part of Genghis Grill’s recently announced franchisee incentive, launched to help potential entrepreneurs get started with their new venture. Available to single and multi-unit franchisees, the incentive offers reduced franchise fees, waived development fees and up to $150,000 in waived royalties during the first two years of operation.

“Our first location in Genghis is a huge hit in the community, with many coming multiple times a week for our fresh, customizable meals,” said Green. “When I saw the incentive opportunity available to franchisees, I knew it was the perfect time to expand to serve even more customers and local organizations in Reno and surrounding communities. .”

Born and raised in Reno, Green began his journey with Genghis Grill as General Manager at an existing Reno location in 2011. He took ownership in 2018, achieving the location’s highest sales in two years. first years following the transfer. The location continued to top sales every year with Green as the leader with the support of his wife. Its mission with the next three locations is to use the skills acquired over the past 11 years to create more opportunities for its staff and make Genghis Grill a unique, go-to, self-build concept for residents.

The time was ripe for this expansion deal, given Genghis Grill’s new leadership and a renewed vision for growth. The brand is moving away from the ancient Mongolian roots of stir-fry and repositioning itself as a world-class all-purpose bowl restaurant. The new strategy takes the brand in a fast-casual direction, with faster service, a smaller footprint and a strong focus on on-the-go dining.

“Kevin and his team are well qualified to continue to grow the brand throughout Reno and have the business ownership experience we seek in our franchise owners,” said Gregg Majewski, CEO of Gengis Grill. “Our mission with the franchisee incentive was to provide entrepreneurs with the tools they need for continued success. With these advantages, he is ready to establish his new Genghis Grill locations in Reno as the best place for fresh, hot and healthy bowls. We know Kevin is confident in our new growth strategy, and now couldn’t be a better time to expand into Washoe County.

Launched 24 years ago in Dallas, Texas, Gengis offers broad fan appeal and caters to diverse flavor preferences and lifestyles by offering keto, gluten-free, low-carb, vegan, and vegetarian options. In 2018, Gengis focused on rebranding, improving customer service, improving food quality and even more operational excellence to continue refining the customer experience. Recently, the brand added new serving options and flavors with chef-prepared bowls for easy ordering, with flavors from a variety of genres including traditional Asian fusion, Italian tex-mex and more.

“Genghis Grill is an innovative casual dining model that meets the needs of today’s modernized consumer preferences,” said Rich Guckel, Director of Franchising. “The new incentive provides the perfect opportunity for restaurant franchisees and investors to add a sustainable concept to their franchise portfolio, just like Kevin.”

The brand is actively assigning pitches to qualified individuals such as Green who are looking to enter the ground floor of a refreshed and reinvigorated concept. Ideal franchisees are sophisticated, well-qualified operators who have experience managing and growing restaurants with the bandwidth to open multiple locations. Depending on geography, store size, store layout, and several other determining factors, the investment per store ranges from $346,600 to $973,500.

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Founded in 1998, Genghis Grill is the nation’s first create-your-own bowl chain, renowned for its fresh, hot, healthy dishes and interactive dining experience. At Genghis Grill, diners forge their own flavor by creating a bowl filled with exactly what they crave. Customers start at the famous Fresh Market Bar where they choose from over 80 fresh ingredients and tasty sauces. Then our grill masters cook their creation to perfection on a large circular grill. Genghis Grill owns and franchises over 50 restaurants system-wide. For more information, visit and follow Genghis Grill on instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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