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Shipping delays have a major impact on businesses across the country. From restaurants to retailers, almost everyone is feeling the pinch.

At Blue Fish Sushi in Allen, officials say a limited supply chain is having an impact on their orders.

“Sushi has been hard to come by at times, prices are going up in all areas,” said Regional Manager Matthew Beeson.

Prices are on the rise because supplies around the world are in high demand.

“We have fish from all over the world, some from Japan, New Zealand, Hawaii, so we have to coordinate a lot of things at the same time,” Beeson said. “It was difficult to try to fit things in and sometimes it was a month late ordering.”

According to Todd Thompson, senior vice president of MODE Transport, restaurateurs aren’t alone.

“There is a shortage of equipment capacity to deliver products anywhere in the United States right now,” said Thompson.

A severe labor shortage in the trucking industry plays an important role in the supply chain.

“The United States could use an additional 250,000 truckers,” said Thompson. “And COVID has had a major impact on this industry.”

The limited supply means that companies now have to pay more for products than they once bought at a fixed price, which translates into higher prices for customers.

“We have to stay in line with our budgets in order to make a profit or else we won’t be there for the guests at all,” Beeson said. “And that’s the hardest thing, balancing the two so that customers always have a good time and are happy with the price, but allow us to make a little profit so that we can pay everyone.”

From restaurants to retailers – everyone is feeling the impact and transportation experts don’t see an end in sight anytime soon.

“The feeling that comes out of COVID is that people are getting back to normal and wanting to get out,” Thompson said. “There’s a lot of pent-up money to spend, and we certainly see and hear our customers saying their requests are irrelevant to what you know they are seeing about their customer base.”

Thompson said the key for consumers is to order early and expect delays when ordering shipment of products of any kind.


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