Here’s how you can enjoy food from Boston to Houston without traveling to the ALCS

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) – If you want a taste of Boston, but don’t want to travel north for the American League Championship Series, there’s a restaurant where you can find one of New England’s iconic sandwiches.

For nearly a decade, ‘Maine-ly Sandwiches’ has brought New England fare to the Houston area. it was a business that Buddy, from New England, wanted to start.

He wanted to bring the infamous lobster roll to Houston.

“When we first opened, I called my mom to say, ‘How are you doing? “I prefer how mom does it,” he explained. “It’s what I’ve served thousands of customers.”

A lobster roll is just what it sounds. These are pieces of lobster in a roll.

You can get it with mayonnaise or butter, and that’s it.

“You know how we barbecue every week in Texas and we have leftovers,” Buddy explained. “The lobster that we steam on weekends, we cook it too much. We have it in the fridge. Take it out of the fridge, put it on a hot dog bun, and you’ve got a lobster roll. “

Getting the protein isn’t easy. Buddy said that was the hardest part of bringing the sandwich to Houston.

The lobster roll in Houston is similar to what you’ll find in Boston, but there is a slight difference.

“What you would typically get in New England is a hot dog size,” Buddy said. “Because we’re in Texas, we made the Texas-sized lobster roll.”

The boyfriend has a a few locations. He’s a transplant recipient from Maine.

With the Red Sox playing against the Astros in the American League Championship Series, he says it’s a win-win for who he wants to see win, and introduce more Houstonians to Boston cooking.

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