Houston tops Texas as best place for vegans in new report

Houston made the top 10 in a new survey of the best cities in the US where it’s best to be vegan, coming in at No. 6 on the list, making it the best city in Texas, ahead of Austin, Dallas , San Antonio and Fort Worth.

The survey conducted by the Meal Delivery Experts team aimed to find out which cities have the most vegan food options. They compiled the 20 most populous cities in the United States, then used TripAdvisor data to count the number of restaurants or eating places in each city that offered at least one vegan option.

New York is No. 1, blowing everyone away with 1,464 restaurants or places to eat offering vegan options – more than double the number of any other city on the list.

#2: Los Angeles takes second place, with 705 restaurants or food outlets offering vegan options. Los Angeles has among the widest variety of cuisines, including Korean, Ethiopian, and Thai vegan cuisine.

No. 3: Chicago, with 489 restaurants or places to eat that offer vegan options, which is a surprise since Chicago is such a big meat city, although the city is best known for its deep pizzas and many restaurants of Chicago now offers a vegan alternative.

Houston earned its No. 6 ranking thanks to its total of 312 restaurants. Diners have a range of options, from dedicated vegan restaurants like Verdine and Mo’ Better Brews to vegan fine-dining options like Theodore Rex and Le Jardinier, the restaurant at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston with sister establishments in New York and Miami that each hold a Michelin star. The city’s Indian and Pakistani restaurants offer plenty of vegan dishes – think Chef Anita Jaisinghani’s Meatless Mondays in Pondicherry for example.

Whether motivated by health, environmental or ethical reasons, the number of vegans in the United States is growing rapidly, reaching new heights in 2022. One in ten Americans, or 10%, now consider themselves vegan or vegetarian.

The dollars are there too, with a plant industry worth over $7 billion in the United States in 2022.

The milk substitutes market is valued at over $3 billion in 2022, and the meat substitutes market is valued at over $1 billion in 2022.

Austin was the only other city in Texas to make the top 10, ranking 8th with 286 restaurants.

Dallas was No. 12, with 209 restaurants that were vegan or offered vegan options, followed by San Antonio at No. 13, with 202 vegan or vegetarian establishments.

Fort Worth came last, with 68 restaurants or food places offering at least one vegan option, despite Fort Worth’s vibrant vegan scene with places like Pizza Verde, Zonk Burger, Mariachi’s Dine-In. Fort Worth is also home to Texas’ most famous vegan restaurant, Spiral Diner.

The full list, by ranking:

  1. New York – 1464
  2. Los Angeles-705
  3. Chicago-489
  4. San Francisco – 467
  5. San Diego – 385
  6. Houston-312
  7. Seattle-309
  8. Austin-286
  9. Denver-261
  10. Philadelphia – 258
  11. Phoenix – 234
  12. Dallas – 209
  13. San Antonio – 202
  14. Charlotte, North Carolina – 176
  15. Jacksonville, Florida – 140
  16. Indianapolis-140
  17. Columbus, Ohio – 137
  18. San Jose – 80
  19. Oklahoma City – 80
  20. Fort Worth – 68

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