Husband-wife duo builds on each other’s strengths with their liquor store in Plano

Liquid Courage Spirits and More is Plano’s newest liquor store owned by husband and wife duo Divya and Ankit Jain.

Their facility opened on August 20 and, although their business is young, they attribute their newfound success to the inclusion and opportunities offered by the city of Plano.

In this Q&A, we learn about their journey, what makes their store unique, and how they help each other run a successful business.

Q. What makes your store unique?

We are an independent boutique liquor store that focuses on artisanal and small-batch products with concierge-style customer service at competitive prices. As a new liquor store, we are building our inventory by taking feedback from our customers and offering free product tastings to understand product responsiveness, which allows us to respond to our loyal customers.

We also believe in supporting the community and local suppliers by offering their products which are not only hard to find but also, at times, better than mainstream products. For example, we supplied wines for Downtown Plano Art & Wine Walk last Saturday and all of the wines were from a small supplier whose vendor lives in Downtown Plano.

The majority of regulars at the Downtown Plano Art & Wine Walk told us that this was the best wine walk they had been on in some time, as the 22 stops featured 22 distinctive and aromatic wines. In addition, the prices of these bottles of wine were much lower than those of competing brands.

Our slogan is “A Wing You Can Count On” and we really imbue that spirit here at Liquid Courage.

Q. What made Plano the ideal city for your business?

The town of Plano is our home, it has given us a feeling of belonging. Plano has so much to offer with its inclusive culture, community life and business-friendly environment that it is perfect for any business.

We specifically chose Downtown Plano because we liked the unique vibe the area offered as a historic district with its urban culture, restaurants, shopping, and fun community events.

We saw an opportunity for a liquor store to reach out to the community and decided to expand our business here with Liquid Courage.

Q. How have residents responded to you / your store, and what do you have to offer?

We were greeted with open arms and warmly by the locals. The name of our store reminded many residents of what used to be called alcohol. Customers are extremely supportive and continue to compliment us on our product line and store layout. We have over 3,000 square feet of space with warm natural woods, houseplants, acoustic music and a welcoming staff.

Interestingly, we have been asked to keep lounge chairs in the cigar section of our store, as several customers find it so warm and comfortable that they don’t feel like they’re, in fact, in a store. alcohols.

Q. Being a husband / wife run business, what are the pros / cons, if any?

As a husband-wife duo, we have learned to use each other’s strengths to our advantage and to define our responsibilities. Ankit manages the operations, while I take care of the marketing and promotion of the company. We also keep communication simple and open and don’t let our personal emotions influence our business decisions.

Q. Who are your best sellers?

One thing we have learned in our short lifespan is that people like to try products before they spend them. For us, whiskey / bourbon, tequila, vodka, and craft beer are the fastest sellers. However, during our free tastings which take place twice a week, i.e. Friday from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturday from noon to 3 p.m., we try to mix up the programming so that our customers can try to other / new products and make a decision when it comes to their purchases.

Spirits of liquid courage and more is at 930 E. 15th St., Ste. 100 in Plano.

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