Ideas for beating the potential record heat this Mother’s Day

AUSTIN (KXAN) — With temperatures expected to hit 98 degrees on Mother’s Day, it might be best to ditch outdoor plans with mom for indoor pursuits.

The heat and humidity can be dangerous, so if you plan to be outdoors, be sure to stay in the shade and drink plenty of water. Dehydration, heat exhaustion, and heatstroke can all be life-threatening.

KXAN looked for cooler alternatives to do with mom this Sunday.

Classy brunch/dinner

Eating indoors is back for the first time since the pandemic. Yet some may still have concerns about indoor dining as COVID-19 lingers.

If you eat out, look for restaurants with covered patios and fans for cooler weather. You can also host an at-home dining experience with a home-cooked meal.

Online reservation service OpenTable has released data that shows 48% of mothers surveyed consider dining out to be part of their ideal Mother’s Day, and 47% of diners plan to make brunch reservations.

That said, hurry if you haven’t made any reservations for Mother’s Day yet; OpenTable says its data also shows reservations up 39% since 2021 and expects restaurants to top pre-pandemic numbers.

Day at Mom-seum

Moms with young children may want to do activities together, and The Thinkery has plenty of hands-on exhibits designed to engage young minds. The exhibits also have prompts for parents to help lead the activities.

Adult kids who want to show mom a more serious museum moment should try one of Austin‘s art museums, especially the Elisabet Ney Museum.

Ney, herself a mother, carved many statues of famous Texans after immigrating to Austin from Germany in 1882. The museum is a historical landmark and was once Ney’s home and studio.

The Contemporary and the Blanton Museum of Art are also great options. The special exhibition “Assembly: New Acquisitions by Contemporary Black Artists” is a must at Blanton.

The Museum of the Weird might be perfect for moms with a wild side. Attractions include a cabinet of curiosities and wax sculptures of classic movie monsters.

Make a splash

Typhoon Texas in Pflugerville reopens Saturday for the summer and Sunday will offer moms free admission when another guest purchases a day pass, according to a park press release.

The park won’t ask for birth certificates or other documents – just buy your day pass and tell the staff who your party’s mother is. The offer only covers the entry of one mum per day pass purchased

“It’s our treat for moms,” said John Pham, marketing manager for Typhoon Texas. “It’s our way of saying thank you for allowing us to serve their families this summer.”

The park is offering new foods and beverages, and improvements this summer. The park’s restaurant, The Patio, returns with a new menu and new chef Beatrice Carrillo.

Typhoon Texas’ famous “Lone Star Racers” ride got a facelift and the park’s filtration system was replaced to “improve performance and eliminate downtime.”

rebel against the usual

While many celebrate the day in different ways, the Mother’s Day founder wasn’t a fan of her own later-in-life holiday. Founder Anna Jarvis despised the commercialization of vacations.

Jarvis’ obituary in the New York Times quotes her: “A printed card means nothing, except that you are too lazy to write to the woman who has done more for you than anyone in the world.”

Jarvis was held in a sanatorium until her death, paid for by the flower and card companies she despised, according to Olive Ricketts, director of the Anna Jarvis Museum in a 2016 NPR interview.

Giving your mom some time this Sunday is a great way to honor her memory and that of Jarvis. If you and your mom live in different places, be sure to call her.

Another great way to honor mom is to take care of her household chores.

According to data from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, women do twice as much household chores as men, even though they also work. These household tasks represent on average a little less than 16 hours per week. Husbands can honor the mother of their child(ren) by doing her chores and committing to take on more work in the home.

The data also shows that most household chores for women are done indoors, so it’s another great way to stay out of the heat this weekend.

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