Man accused of slitting pregnant ex-girlfriend’s throat outside police station

CLINTON TOWNSHIP, MI – A pregnant woman received seven stitches in her neck after her ex-boyfriend allegedly slit her throat outside a police station last week.

The US Marshal Service is looking for suspect Kevin VanAelst who is accused of slitting his ex-girlfriend’s throat as she tried to turn over personal protection order documents against him at the township police station from Clinton on Friday, October 9, reports WDIV Local 4. The victim is five months pregnant with their child.

The PPO was in response to suspected threatening behavior by VanAelst, including an email in which he threatened to shoot the victim’s entire family, and a threatening visit to the victim’s home, the TV station reports.

VanAelst allegedly cut the woman in the police station parking lot with her van on Friday, opened her car door, slit her throat and gave her arms and head cuts, according to the report. He fled in his vehicle when she began to press his horn. She then went to the train station to seek help and was rushed to hospital.

The victim is in hiding while law enforcement tracks down VanAelst, according to the report.

The suspect is a known drug user and has a criminal history involving car thefts and home invasions, police told Macomb Daily. He had previously threatened to kill his mother. He drives a black F-150 with an EGK-6770 license plate – although he may have dropped the plate. Police believe he could go to Virginia.

Anyone with information on the suspect’s whereabouts is urged to call the US Marshals Service at 313-234-5600 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-SPEAK-UP.


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