Mastriano speaks to supporters at Leggio’s in Dallas

DALLAS — Surrounded by a room of passionate supporters, gubernatorial candidate State Sen. Doug Mastriano made his goals clear: to protect the liberties of the citizens of Keystone State.

“We give the people the choice between freedom and oppression,” Mastriano said during a campaign stop at Italian restaurant Leggio on Saturday night. “Hard-working Americans want their freedoms back.”

COVID restrictions were the main limitation on freedoms highlighted by Mastriano.

Coming out of the Republican primary in the gubernatorial race, Mastriano spoke about many of the traditional party values ​​he would uphold as Pennsylvania’s next governor — and spent much of his speech running through his opponent’s lanes. in the November general election, the state attorney. General Josh Shapiro would delete these values.

“We can’t afford to have Wolf Part II,” Mastriano said, to cheers and applause from his audience. “Our liberties were stripped willy-nilly under Governor Wolf.”

Organized with the help of the Luzerne County Republican Party, which set up a tent outside the restaurant to spread information and register people to vote, Saturday’s campaign stop drew many Republican residents excited to Back Mountain and beyond to hear what Mastriano had to say.

At the voter registration booth, 18-year-old Cara Pocono signed her name on the line and officially became a registered voter after celebrating her birthday a few weeks prior.

Pocono, of Shavertown, said she felt energized by Mastriano, having already listened to him speak.

“I’ve always loved Doug Mastriano,” Pocono said. “We always listened to the fireside chats he was having during COVID… he was always telling us the truth.”

As a first-time voter next November, Pocono said she’s most concerned about the loss of freedoms through gun control.

“Everything is not going so well at the moment, I hope it [Mastriano] could do better for us,” she said.

Standing proudly was her mother, Diane.

“He [Mastriano] was the one who gave us the facts, the real facts,” she said. “She [her daughter] saw that things didn’t really make logical sense anymore, she can’t wait to vote.

Mastriano was introduced to the venue by volunteer coordinator Harry Haas, who thanked his team of volunteers and thanked Leggio’s for the welcome, encouraging everyone present to leave a good online review of the restaurant, before welcoming Mastriano in the city.

“We will continue to spread Doug’s message to restore decency and the rule of law,” Haas said.

Once the microphone was given, Mastriano underlined the importance of this election both in Pennsylvania and with the repercussions that this race will cause throughout the country.

“There are so many stakes,” he said. “It may be the most important race of our lives at this level.”

Among the things Mastriano pledged to do on his first day in office if elected: pull Pennsylvania out of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative and rescind any existing executive orders impacting business. local conditions resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the end, most of Mastriano’s speech came down to freedoms and his promise to protect them in the governor’s chair if he won in November.

“I will act quickly and relentlessly to restore your freedoms,” he said. “I will support you. »

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