McAllen restaurant owner featured on cooking show Beat Bobby Flay

A local chef and restaurant owner helps put the valley on the map.

Chef Larry Delgado, representing the RGV, appeared on Beat Bobby Flay, a popular cooking show on the Food Network.

Delgado says his passion for food started when he was just six years old.

The days spent in the kitchen cooking with her mother marked her life forever.

At 16, Delgado took on a burger flipping job in Edinburgh. He says the adrenaline rush of cooking for so many people turned him on.

After graduating from high school, he went to work as a farm laborer in Indiana, where he fell in love with food again.

“Learn that ripe vine tomatoes are so different from what you’ve often been fed or bought at the grocery store,” Delgado said. “It started to really intrigue me. Just the idea that I really didn’t know anything about food.”

After being successful in the restaurant business in Austin, he and his wife decided to return to the Valley to open their own business. Now they are the proud owners of McAllen’s House Wine & Bistro, Salt – New American Table and Salome on Main.

Life went on as usual until Delgado got a call from a producer on Beat Bobby Flay.

He says he never imagined that his love for cooking would take him this far. That’s why he wants other budding chefs to remember to be true to their own flavors, culture and style.

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