Meet the OG of Italian Restaurants

FRESNO, CA – If you’re looking for Italian food, there’s nothing more authentic than Oggi Cosi Si Mangia.

Located in the heart of California’s Central Valley, the small but fervent restaurant swears by its mouth-watering cuisine.

Its owner, Luigi ‘Louis’ Maglieri, says his family hails from Molise, Italy, and every bite of every dish at the restaurant will transport you to his country.

“Our stuff is pretty traditional. My mom is a great cook and most of these recipes are her recipes,” he says.

Some of his customer favorites are Chicken Marsala and Chicken Piccata, served with a side of angel hair pasta, Seared Salmon with Lemon Brown Butter Caper Sauce, and Cavatelli Arrabbiata with crumbled sausages. spiced with lean pork.

Oggi Cosi Si Mangia opened in Fresno 16 years ago.

Maglieri said the name, pronounced “Oh-jee”, means “Today here’s how to eat”.

Each dish is prepared on site, with the best possible ingredients, and Maglieri takes personal pride in the authenticity and flavor of his dishes.

“A guy once said to me in the restaurant business – ‘Do you make meatballs? I buy them!’ I said, “If I’m going to buy meatballs, I don’t belong in this business. Many restaurants are trying to streamline their operations. Here, we make everything to order. May take a few extra minutes but it’s cool. I just don’t want to serve something that I’m not proud of,” he says.

Over the past 16 years, Maglieri has seen some customers grow, some grow older – but all still retain their love for his food.

“The clients I have here are fantastic…I don’t really do this for the money anymore. I have a passion for this place and consider the clients as friends,” he says.

This story and video are based on reports by Dale Yurong.

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