New Breakfast Cafe Rises to Top of Dallas’ 5 Most Read Stories of the Week

Editor’s note: A lot has happened this week, so here’s your chance to catch up. Read on for the hottest titles of the week. Looking for the best things to do this weekend? Find this list here.

1. Denton Breakfast Cafe is rocking Far East Dallas with a new location in Mesquite. A beloved Denton-based breakfast chain is expanding its Dallas-Fort Worth footprint with an upcoming new location in a city that deserves it: Mesquite. Seven Mile Cafe, the healthy restaurant known for its hearty breakfasts and vegan dishes, is opening a location at 3817 Pavillion Ct., in a space that was most recently Zenna Thai and Japanese Restaurant.

2. Buildings in downtown Dallas will shut down to help avoid power outages. Some of downtown Dallas’s brightest buildings went dark on Monday, July 11, in response to a request from the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) to conserve energy to avoid power outages . ERCOT asked residents and businesses to reduce their energy consumption again two days later.

3. Dallas’ beloved Mexican restaurateur opens a new spinoff of his Knox spot. Beloved Dallas restaurateur Mico Rodriguez is set to open a new Mexican restaurant: It’s a second location of Doce Mesas, his upscale Mexican restaurant at 4444 McKinney Ave., and it will open at The Hill, development at the northeast corner of the United States. 75 and Walnut Hill Lane.

4. An iconic bar with terrace and games opens on SMU Boulevard in Dallas. There’s a new bar opening on SMU Boulevard in Dallas with outdoor seating and games galore. Called Landmark Bar & Kitchen, it’s a spin-off of a successful Fort Worth bar, and it opens on the ground floor of the Shelby Residences building at 5609 SMU Blvd., in late July.

5. A North Texas group shares must-have tips for saving your trees during the heat wave. Dallas had a heat index of 105 degrees F or higher, more than a month without rain, and drying winds — and a Texas tree group has tips on what you should do for your trees. According to the Texas Trees Foundation, a nonprofit tree planting organization dedicated to greening North Central Texas, you should prioritize trees over other landscape plants, including lawns.

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