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DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – As more companies adopt vaccination mandates, you may soon find that in order to keep your job you will need to be vaccinated.

Hospitals, airlines and other businesses have taken the plunge and found warrants work to boost their immunization rates.

“A considerable number of companies have come to us and told us that we started in the mid-fifties or sixties and are now over 90 percent,” said Dr Cameron Webb, policy adviser. principal of the White House.

Three North Texas hospital networks have set an Oct. 1 deadline for their employees to be fully immunized.

Children’s Health reports that 99% of its employees comply.

Baylor Scott & White claims that about 98% of its employees have done so.

And, Methodist Health would only say that “the vast majority” of its workforce is now fully vaccinated.

Compare that to the city of Dallas, which instead offered an incentive – extra vacation days – to employees who showed they were fully immunized.

As of October 1, 58% had done so.

This represents a jump of 7% in the space of a month, or about 1,100 newly vaccinated workers.

“Some companies that have used incentives don’t have such a high vaccination rate, so you may wonder if this carrot approach was successful or not,” said local lawyer Rogge Dunn.

Amid a labor shortage, however, he said the risk of losing employees during tenure can be difficult for companies. Many, however, he says, consider warrants generally good for business.

“My clients in the food service and service industries – such as bars, gyms and restaurants – think it gives them an advantage to say that all of our employees – in the back of the house, preparing the food, the servers who bring it – are vaccinated and they feel that many customers appreciate that peace of mind, ”he said.

Dunn says companies can fire you for refusing a vaccine, as long as they offer exemptions to employees with sincere religious beliefs or medical conditions that do not allow vaccination.

Although unemployment benefits have helped many laid-off workers during the pandemic, they are generally not available to those who are made redundant. The Texas Workforce Commission has said it will look at situations on a case-by-case basis, taking into account all of the circumstances.

Sound policy experts, however, say job security is proving to be a powerful motivator, even among people who have dug in their heels.

“For these people, it gives them a chance. They tell me: “I got vaccinated only because my job required it”. It is very good. Whatever design your vaccination might be, I’m glad you did, ”said Dr Webb.

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