Parkland opens clinic at RedBird site, expanding offerings south of Dallas

Parkland Hospital hopes to bring holistic health care to South Dallas with the opening of its clinic on Tuesday at the former Red Bird Mall site.

The 40,000 square foot RedBird clinic will provide primary care, family medicine, mammography and simple radiology. It will also include child psychiatry and a physical rehabilitation center, which no other Parkland clinic in the area has to the capacity of the new clinic. It will be the second largest health care center in the Parkland network.

Herron Mitchell, Parkland’s director of operations in the southern region, said the center would be for routine checkups or health needs. He now makes appointments.

“We see ourselves as a patient-centered medical home. So that means we are working in partnership with you for your long term health, ”Mitchell said.

The RedBird Clinic will join three others in the region: Bluitt-Flowers, Oak West and Southeast Dallas.

James Perez, Parkland’s vice president of clinical operations, said Parkland has met with various members of the community to determine which medical services are most needed. These meetings, along with data from the Community Health Needs Assessment 2019, contributed to the decision to include child psychiatry among the clinic’s offerings.

“They gave examples of children who couldn’t be properly diagnosed at an early age,” Perez said. “And now the parents are in a situation where they need help. They say to me, ‘Well, what are we doing, what resources are available?’ “

Mitchell said the two most common diagnoses in this area are hypertension and diabetes. To combat the complications of these diseases, including blindness and foot amputations, the clinics also offer chiropody and optometry services.

The RedBird clinic is part of the Reinvent RedBird project alongside many shops, restaurants, living spaces and offices.

The $ 200 million redevelopment of the site will have 200,000 square feet dedicated to healthcare. This includes the Parkland Clinic and a UT Southwestern Medical Center which offers cancer, neurology and cardiology services.

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