‘Pepsi Dig In Day’ Elevates Black-Owned Restaurants

PepsiCo tapped celebrity chef Carla Hall and others to boost business for black-owned restaurants on Pepsi Dig In Day (November 5).

PepsiCo plans to amp up Pepsi Dig In Day by partnering with Carla Hall / Credit: PepsiCo

PepsiCo is encouraging consumers nationwide to experience and “dig in” black cuisine on November 5 – the official date of “Pepsi Dig In Day.”

Pepsi Dig In Day, which falls on November 5, is a call to action encouraging consumers to eat at black-owned restaurants. This year’s Pepsi Dig In Day will rely on influencers including Top Chef star Carla Hall, award-winning chef Joseph “JJ” Johnson and Red Rooster Harlem chef Marcus Samuelsson to raise consumer awareness. “Carla will be our lead partner,” said Scott Finlow, Marketing Director of PepsiCo Foodservice. “She’s super credible, she’s a strong advocate for this industry. [and] she brings a ton of energy and passion.

On November 5, PepsiCo will host 20 different brunches at select restaurants in Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Houston and more. Meanwhile, consumers will also have the chance to win $5,000 for themselves and a $5,000 donation for their favorite black-owned restaurant by posting a photo of the restaurant and tagging @PepsiDigIn, #DigInShowLove and #sweepstakes.

Conceived two years ago, Pepsi Dig In is a $50 million program designed to equip local black restaurants and their chefs with the resources and funding they need to overcome existing inequalities. The national program has already helped FieldTrip, an Atlanta-based Slutty Vegan and Harlem-based rice bowl store, and has pledged to expand EatOkra’s database, a mobile directory for discovering black-owned restaurants.

“Our intention is to be the best partner for these restaurants in the industry – period,” Finlow continued. “We want to help, we want to have an impact [and] we believe that by doing this, more of these local restaurants [want] work with PepsiCo.

Walton Isaacson handled the creation. Additional campaign content will be released on digital and social media.

Pepsi Dig In’s corporate partners – including the National Football League, National Hockey League and TripAdvisor – will show solidarity by offering a lunch sponsored by Black-owned restaurants to their employees between October 31 and November 4 .

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