Pop-Up Chefs Market in the Pratt Pullman neighborhood of Kirkwood opened as a permanent restaurant on Rogers Street

A restaurant incubator inspired by the outdoor pop-up chefs market in Kirkwood’s Pratt Pullman neighborhood is taking over the Rogers Street space previously planned for the Bellsmouth Cafe next spring, according to the Atlanta Business Column.

Bellsmouth Coffee and 3 Heart Coffee Roast, owned by 8ARM Chef Nhan Le and Skip Engelbrecht and artist George Long, were to reside in a building along Rogers Street on the property. The deal was made just three months before the start of the pandemic and the leases were never signed. Pratt Pullman developer and Atomic Entertainment co-owner Adam Rosenfelt describes the decision to leave Bellsmouth Cafe as “amicable”.

Temporarily named the Chefs Market or Chefs Market in Building 7, the restaurant will host a rotating roster of chefs and pop-ups, many of whom regularly participate in the open-air market in the Pratt Pullman district.

Rosenfelt kicked off the series to the market last fall by hosting pop-ups like Phở Cue, Kamayan ATL, Heaps meat pies and Vinetta. The pop-up series eventually evolved into a more permanent concept, opening as an outdoor mobile food and liquor park earlier this spring to coincide with the debut of the interactive digital Van Gogh Experience exhibit. Shipping containers have been converted to mobile kitchens and bars mounted on train truck wheels lined up on rails spanning about ten acres south along the spine of the linear park from the junction of the CSX line on the northwest side of the property.

Rosenfelt said the new restaurant, located next to the Abby Singer Gastro Pub on Rogers Street, will offer outdoor seating across from the rail park’s mobile bars and include its own staff and a permanent menu served with dishes from chefs. in residence at the kitchen incubator.

Pho Cue, a pop-up mixing Vietnamese flavors and dishes with a Central Texas barbecue, and Filipino food pop-up Kamayan ATL were regular sellers in both the pop-up series and the chefs market. outside. Julian Wissman and Brian Holloway just opened a Pho Cue restaurant in Glenwood Park last month. Mia Orino and Carlo Gan plan to open a permanent Kamayan ATL location in the iconic Asian Square complex on Buford Highway in Doraville this winter.

The Abby Singer became the first restaurant to open in the Pratt Pullman neighborhood in May. Its name refers to the penultimate shot of the day during the on-location filming and is a nod to the late film production manager Abby Singer. Owner Mike Horn worked in film and television before his restaurant career. The former Minneapolis resident’s gastropub features a version of that city’s famous “Jucy Lucy” cheeseburger.

While the latter restaurant serves as the main venue for Atlanta’s pop-ups and traveling chefs in the Pratt Pullman neighborhood, Rosenfelt says he expects the occasional market for pop-up chefs and larger foodie events to come together. take place in the complex.

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