Popular McKinney’s restaurant damaged by fire – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

With Rye’s second location just days away from celebrating the first anniversary, the team behind the restaurant mourns the loss of the first.

“A day I will never remember has become a day I will never forget. The call is right, ‘The restaurant is on fire. You have to come now,” owner Tanner Agar said.

On Monday morning, Hagar rushed to downtown McKinney as firefighters battled blazes in an alley yard that destroyed part of Rye’s kitchen and, in a sense, Hagar’s and her dream. his partners.

“The three of us, we’re 25, we’re opening this restaurant, 13 tables, a 165-year-old historic building, and we just started a restaurant to cook what we believed in,” he said.

It was four years ago. Since then they have developed a loyal following, regulars with bookings now on hiatus for the foreseeable future.

While managing two other businesses, Agar and her team are focused on restarting.

“It just became this absolute, all out, everyone, all on deck, what do we do,” Agar said.

For now, Hagar says he has more questions than answers.

Although his team has been cleared of all responsibility, they still do not know the cause of the fire.

Rye was closed when it started.

Still, as they move forward, Agar said he felt backed by support he never imagined would come all the way to his location in lower Greenville.

“I’m looking at my reservations for the next three days, and there are so many names I know that are making the trip here to support our work,” he said.

Agar said it could be six months before the McKinney restaurant is operational again.

“I promise the returning version of Rye will be bigger. It’s going to be better,” Agar said.

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