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The then manager of a Searcy restaurant was accused of pointing a gun at an employee’s head in June when the employee arrived at work and laughed because “everything was in a mess” in the room. food.

Deondra Marquez Austin, 30, of Searcy has been charged with aggravated assault for a class D felony, according to a warrant issued late last month at the request of the 17th Judicial District attorney’s office.

The alleged victim reportedly told Searcy Police that he was a cook for Captain D’s on Race Avenue and noticed that “nothing had been done” in the kitchen when he arrived at work that afternoon. When he laughed, Austin allegedly “asked him what he said.” He said he told Austin “it didn’t look like they’d done anything” before Austin “came into the office,” Detective Michael Mosher wrote in the affidavit.

Austin reportedly returned and then “pointed a gun” at the alleged victim’s head. The alleged victim managed to remove the gun from Austin, who “shouted at him that there was ‘one in the room’, then grabbed the gun and left the restaurant,” Mosher wrote.

He wrote that video footage viewed on June 29 showed Austin “approaching” the alleged victim and pointing his gun at him. He also allegedly showed them that they were fighting “for the gun” before Austin grabbed him and left.

When questioned by phone on July 7, Austin reportedly told Mosher “he had never had a gun and held a phone all the time.”

Austin was not in custody in White County on Friday and no court date had been set.

A court date has, however, been set for a 20-year-old Searcy who has been charged with Class B terrorist act and aggravated assault. Kewan Jashone Cole is scheduled to appear in White County Circuit Court Tuesday. A warrant was issued late last month against Cole, who has been in the county jail since June 28.

The incident allegedly took place that day at Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen on the East Beebe-Capps Freeway, where it was reported that shots were fired. According to the affidavit, the restaurant manager said Cole, an employee there, fired the handgun shots at a woman “as she was running from the parking lot of her vehicle.”

Video footage showed Cole passing the alleged victim’s vehicle on Sante Fe Drive before the alleged victim pulled into the Popeyes parking lot. Cole had turned east onto Beebe-Capps, then into the northeast driveway of the parking lot. Mote wrote that Cole then got stuck in the alleged victim’s vehicle before exiting his vehicle and starting to chase him “after she got around him and fled north through the parking lot “.

After turning east on Beebe-Capps, three gunshots could be heard, Mote wrote, “before Cole returned to his vehicle and fled the area.”

When questioned at the Searcy Police Department, Cole allegedly admitted to shooting the alleged victim. He was initially charged with attempted first degree murder, but Popeyes “was unable to produce CCTV from their surveillance system showing Cole shooting the victim directly. However, other vehicles were traveling on Beebe-Capps and passing Popeyes at the time of the incident. “

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