Review: Levy Restaurants Raises Concession Bar at Oklahoma Games This Year

NORMAN – Eating should be more than just a biological function at football games. It should be part of the immersive experience.

In Oklahoma, Levy Restaurants has upped the food game in 2022 by adding new partners, vendors, and dealers that will please even the most discerning (or just picky) palette.

“It’s the ultimate,” said Levy COO Cody Malone. “We make memories, don’t we? »

“I can tell you, when I was a kid, being at Dodger Stadium, eating a Dodger Dog and getting peanuts thrown at me when I was 8, those were the things – in Oklahoma City, rolling down the hill at 89ers Stadium in left field, eating items in an ice cream helmet, these are the memories that last you forever.

At OU, Sooner Nation has six home games during which they can sample the plethora of new picks around the stadium. Go ahead, meet your family at the traditional pre-game location. Savor every bite at the tailgate of your group.

But don’t ignore the concession stands. They are just too good.

New this year is Cupbop, Korean barbecue in a cup. At Levy’s annual sampler media day this week, we tried both the pork and the beef, and both were excellent. In addition to the tasty meats, the noodles are marinated before being served on a bed of rice. Tell the server your heat level, from 1 to 10. I ordered a 5 and it was very spicy for me.

Nashbird is back this year with its Nashville Spicy Chicken Sandwiches. They are suitably warm. Although a bed of fresh coleslaw is standard, I opted for the chicken breast between the buns for a more accurate comparison to the endless sea of ​​spicy fast food chicken sandwiches. Honestly, this one ranks at the top of my list. Sometimes the bird’s own flavor can be overwhelmed by the heat, but not in this case. The chicken itself was juicy and delicious, and the breaded spices paired perfectly with the meat.

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Even for those who don’t like corndogs, Fletcher’s Corny Dogs are quite simply the best corndogs on the planet. Seriously, trust me and try one. Fletcher’s — the same ones you get in October at the State Fair of Texas — joined the OU concession family last year. Of course I had one, as I will whenever they become available.

But I also opted for a few novelty corndog items from Levy: the elote corn dog has a tangy Tex-Mex twist, and the Flamin’ Hot Cheetos corn dog has smashed spicy Cheetos sprinkled with cheese drizzle. Adjust your expectations for what a corndog can be.

Boomarang Diner is new to OU this year and offers a variety of options, including the Double Diner: a cheeseburger, corndog, and tater tots. It was exactly what you expected (and sometimes needed) from a concession stand, and if you’re not brave enough to try something new, you absolutely can’t go wrong with it. this timeless classic.

Midway Deli has been serving Norman since 1955, but its fare is new to Memorial Stadium and includes all-time favorites like The Arnie Italian, Vulcan, Coach Switzer’s, Ranchero and Slammin’ Sammy.

You’ll be thirsty after all that, so pop over to H-Tea-0, where there’s a seemingly endless variety of fruit-infused teas — no HFCS here — with raspberry, blueberry, peach, or any combination you you can imagine. The blueberry was a bit sweet for me, but the raspberry and peach were perfect.

I don’t usually leave a mealtime occasion without diving into the dessert options, and I loved The Baked Bear’s ice cream and cookie sandwiches, but what really topped it off for me was Shake’s Frozen Custard Oreo Speedwagon. It’s crushed Oreos mixed with delicious ice cream, and it was divine. You might also like the Boomer Brownie Chunk.

This is just a sample, of course. There are many other options, such as a variety of hot corn flavors, hot dogs, Pizza Hut, Boomer BLT skewer, hot pretzel with cheese dip, smoked sausage and cheese platter, and the Boomer BBQ Brisket sandwich, among others.

For Malone, however, what you eat isn’t as important as who you eat it with.

“Coming to a game with your dad,” he said. “I came to OU-Nebraska in 85 or 86, whatever year it was, and I remember eating a hot dog and drinking a big soda and bringing home a soda memory at the time. It creates memories that last a lifetime.

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