Shortage of crisps (not the potato type) affecting Houston restaurants


The shortage of computer chips, caused by the huge demand for semiconductors far beyond the supply capacity, reached the Houston Restaurant Community. Jonathan Horowitz from Convive Hospitality Consulting says he hits them where it hurts.

Now that restaurants are serving more diners for longer hours – they’re joining the global shortage of vital computer chips to run their businesses. point of sale systems. Horowitz says he’s hitting Houston restaurants when they need it most. “One of the things we’ve seen particularly recently is a dramatic increase in the use of technology in restaurants, whether it’s high-end restaurants, big fast food chains, or Italian restaurants for mom and pop. The shortage of French fries, which is a world wide planet, is definitely hurting the Houston area’s restaurant industry. ” The computer chip shortage, caused by the huge demand for semiconductors far beyond the supply capacity, has hit the Houston restaurant community. Horowitz says he hits them where it hurts. “Point of sale systems entering restaurants – especially with online ordering, pickup and delivery, third party delivery – have seen a dramatic increase during and after the pandemic. ”

Houston restaurants get creative to find workers

He says some are coping with older models with spare parts available and others are relearning how to take and deliver orders with a notepad and pen. Horowitz says the chip shortage is also affecting suppliers up the supply chain. One of his clients from Houston is still waiting for furniture and other materials for a restaurant he is considering opening.


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