Takeout 25 embraces the spirit of the season

Takeout 25 embraces the spirit of the season by applying its unique approach to helping restaurants deliver holiday gifts. Takeout 25 created a program to boost business at local restaurants during the winter and a second to show appreciation to hard-working restaurant workers.

“It has been a particularly difficult year for the restaurant workers, but it has also been difficult for the owners,” said Ravi Parakkat, founder of Takeout 25 and village administrator for Oak Park. “These programs help show staff appreciation, promote connectivity between restaurants, and encourage the community to support the industry as a whole.”

Takeout 25 offers ‘Secret Santa’ style gift card sets in various dollar amounts that members of the community can purchase. Sold in sets of $ 25, $ 50, $ 100 and $ 250, the cards will feature a surprise assortment of $ 25 cards from over 40 participating restaurants in Oak Park, Forest Park, Austin, Berwyn and Elmwood Park. Thanks to the randomness of the prizes, participants may receive cards of restaurants they already know and love or may end up discovering a new place to dine.

“For every $ 25 card a restaurant contributes to the pre-sold packages, it will receive $ 25 in return,” Parakkat said. “People can choose to donate separately to support future Takeout 25 events.”

Visit www.givesignup.org/TicketEvent/TakeoutHolidayGiftCardBundles to make a purchase. Sale closes Friday, December 17 at 5:00 p.m. Once purchased, gift cards will be available for redemption on December 19 at Poke Burrito. To date, over $ 7,500 in cards have been purchased. Parakkat is clear that this initial effort comes without expectations and considers any outcome to be great for the restaurant community and a learning opportunity for Takeout 25.

Takeout 25 is also using its platform to bring holiday cheer to hard-working restaurant workers. The same local restaurants come together to show their appreciation to their staff by pooling gift cards to distribute to local restaurant workers. Connie Ostler Brown, owner of The Brown Cow, Jimmy Chen, owner of Poke Burrito, and Kristen Alfonsi, co-owner of One Lake Brewing helped shape the idea and plan its execution.

Community-driven businesses like Delivery First ($ 750), Byline Bank ($ 500), Guaranteed Rate ($ 250) are sponsoring the program. The Carleton Hotel donated an overnight stay to a happy restaurant employee. Elements Massage and Mend Wellness (Oak Park) donated massage sessions and Ahimsa Yoga Studio, Magical Minds Studio and Dark Matter Coffee also contributed to this effort.

“Everyone involved is really excited,” Parakkat said. “After I got the idea, it only took four days to launch the program. It took everyone by surprise, but people are very excited. This is a positive effort that empowers the economy in an innovative new way.

Participating restaurants include:

Anfora wine merchants


Coffee & Spirits Other World

Babygold barbecue

Big Guys sausage stand

Billy Bricks – Oak Park

Blackout Baking Co.

Brewpoint Crafts – Oak Park

Brown Cow Ice Cream Parlor

Buzz Cafe

Cuban coffee

Carnivorous Oaks Park

The Bagel Daly

East Gate Cafe

Quit Strategy Brewing Company

Gringo & Blondie Taqueria

Happy Apple Pie Shop, LLC

Kalamata cuisine

Kettles Tavern

Khyber Pass Restaurant

Kribi coffee roasters

Lathrop House Cafe

Lavergne Tavern

Lunges and Lattes

Massa Cafe Italian

Media Noche Café

MORA Oak Park

Brewery of a lake

Poke Burrito


Scratch on the lake

Scratch kitchen

Small batch barbecue

Spilled milk

Surf’s Up

Sugar bakery

Taco Mucho

Tacos ’76

Trattoria 225 Oak Park

Twisted cookie

Two Sisters Catering

Victory Italian Oak Park

Whirlpool coffee company

Wise Men Cup

Thai yum

Innovation Award for Takeout 25

Takeout 25 was named the “Most Innovative Pandemic Startup” at the Illinois Governor’s Tourism Conference held at Navy Pier on December 6. Governor JB Pritzker opened the Illinois Tourism Excellence Awards dinner with a keynote address focusing on the persistence of organizations and businesses. across the state.

Ravi Parakkat, Founder of Takeout 25 and Administrator of the Village of Oak Park accepted the award on behalf of “the entire Takeout 25 family,” including local restaurants, sponsors and supporters. He sees this honor “as a victory for independent local businesses and for our community and communities like ours”.

“I had a real moment when I saw our logo on the big screen,” Parakkat said. “It was unreal to see Takeout 25 reflected in this way. I didn’t expect to look at the picture this way.

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