Texas restaurant throws couple for wearing masks to protect immunocompromised baby

ROWLETT, TEXAS: A couple alleged they were kicked out of a restaurant in Texas after refusing to comply with the “no mask” rule. Natalie Wester Guerrero visited Hang Time, a restaurant and bar in the northern Dallas suburbs of Rowlett, with her husband, Jose, on September 11 when they were forced to remove their face masks by restaurant staff .

The new mother said they were covering their faces to protect their newborn baby, who is immunocompromised. But still, they had to leave the place. Guerrero then took to Facebook to share his experience. She wrote angrily: “Tonight my husband and I had a very unpleasant experience at Hang Time in Rowlett. We entered the bar with our mask on and in the front a girl asked us to take it off. while she was checking our IDs. The music was loud, so I guess she just wanted to see our faces for our IDs. She said something again about taking off the mask, because I couldn’t hear it very well I brushed it off My husband and I met some friends, ordered our drinks and an appetizer.


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She continued, “About half an hour goes by and our waitress comes in, sits next to me and says, ‘Our manager sent me because I’m nicer than him. And yes, it is political. She then told me that masks are not allowed in their building, and that they can make the rules because these are private matters. She said the mask “doesn’t work, it’s like using a chain-link fence to keep mosquitoes away and doesn’t give people enough oxygen.”

Guerrero then added that his son, “Austin, is four months old. When he was born, we found out that he had cystic fibrosis. Cystic fibrosis is a very fatal genetic disease, and if my son were to contract Covid he would have to be hospitalized. When my husband and I go out, which is not often the case, we choose to wear a mask. I informed my waitress of this information and she told me she could close my check for me if that was a problem. Fine. My husband and I paid and left without a stage. I wanted to share this information in case someone who is wise enough to be afraid of Covid could avoid this place. Don’t hesitate to share. I am so shocked at the level of ignorance in our country and am afraid to think how much the pandemic will get worse knowing that so many people think this way. “

Many people commented on her post sharing their experiences and supporting her as well. One person wrote: “Yeah, when I say ‘Well I’ve got a baby at home’ I used to get oh okay or well we’ll all end up having it. people are so ignorant !!! I am glad you are gone !! Top 5 !!! ” The second shared, “There’s a place like that in Denison, they have trump decor all over the restaurant and they don’t allow anyone to wear masks. I think they even had employees working when they had Covid. It’s ridiculous. “” It’s so disgusting of a business. I’m sorry Nathalie. I have a weak immune system from lupus, I guess sick people like me wouldn’t be welcome there. because I have to wear a mask when I’m in public. Just disgusting, “added the third.

Meanwhile, the restaurant owner defended his policy. Tom said: “I spent my money in the business, my blood sweat and my tears in this business, and I don’t want masks here. I think the overall reaction with masks is ludicrous in the United States right now. So when they put on their masks the other night, they were reminded to take it off beforehand. They didn’t want to, so we asked them to leave.

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