The 10 Best Patios in Frisco, Texas

When it comes to sorting things out according to most favorite, least favorite, or “best”, I find it hard to do that. If I am asked to quote my favorite song or movie, my answer is: “It actually depends …”

I mean, are we talking country or rock? Rom-coms or thrillers?

So when I was challenged to identify the “best” terraces in Frisco, I paused before answering. Are we going to bring kids or is this a date? Do we want live music or a quieter atmosphere?

So, naturally, I had to answer by categories. Because it depends.

Courtesy of the common table.

If you’re a fan of The Sunday Funday and all that it entails, you can’t miss the brunch on The Common Table’s terrace. Every Sunday you’ll find an outside DJ spinning classic hip-hop beats to accompany the hip-hop-inspired brunch menu. These guys understand that relaxing on the weekends is best enjoyed outdoors and with great music.

Courtesy of City Works

Best Frisco Patio to Watch the Game: City Works

This two story restaurant has a huge 4000 square foot patio. They also offer 90 beers on tap and 28 flat-screen TVs, making City Works a great place to watch a game. The menu features American classics with modern touches, so come hungry. Also of note, the patio overlooks Tostito’s Championship Square, so bring a soccer ball to throw after.

Courtesy of tupelo miel

Tupelo’s expansive patio features a large bar, seating, and a great view for people watching at the Star. Plus, they offer $ 2 martinis for lunch! Whether you’re courting a client or having lunch with your girlfriends, don’t feel guilty about indulging yourself in the middle of the day – just be sure to pair your martinis with some of their delicious buttermilk cookies.

Courtesy of the marshalling yard

Best Frisco patio for family frolicking: The Rail Yard

One of the most family-friendly patios in Frisco! Call it a grand patio or call it a backyard, The Rail Yard is entirely open-air, with on-site food trucks, twinkling lights all around, and live music on stage. Outdoor games, a variety of food choices, and plenty of room to let off steam make the Rail Yard’s patio a family-friendly place (they do suggest kids come home after 9:00 p.m., however).

Courtesy of j. Theodore

Best Frisco patio for a romantic evening: J. Theodore

Much of the appeal of patio dining is the ambiance, and J. Theodore has it in spades. From the twinkling lights to the fireplace and rustic stone surrounds, this patio is worthy of a date. That doesn’t mean you can’t bring the kids if you want to, but they’ll wonder why there aren’t crayons and chicken nuggets. The menu is sophisticated and creative, with different brunch, lunch and dinner options. One of the most glamorous patios in Frisco, that’s for sure!

Courtesy of la finca cafe and bakery

You may have heard of the downtown Frisco (also known as the Rail District) revitalization projects. These plans are well advanced and include the recent opening of La Finca on Main Street. The large, friendly patio is often visited by local traders and adapts well to walking downtown. This is one of the most exciting patios in Frisco!

Courtesy of Eight Eleven Place

One of Frisco’s most “hidden gems” patios! Everyone needs a makeover every now and then, and recently Frisco’s favorite wine bar decided to do just that on the back patio. The historic house turned wine bar is as charming on the outside as it is on the inside. Eight 11 features cozy fireplaces at every table, live music, and spectacular wine options. The food menu goes very well with wine and will not disappoint.

Best Frisco Patio for a Burger: Jake’s Uptown

Maybe you like a good cheeseburger or just looking for a restaurant near the FC Dallas game. Either way, this restaurant and bar is sure to impress you. The friendly patio is a hop, a jump, and a jump from Toyota Stadium, and Jakes is famous for his many “best burger” awards.

Courtesy of downtown Didi.

Best Frisco patio for a Cheers vibe – DiDi’s Downtown

Do you want to go where everyone knows your name? (You know, like the TV show?) You’ll find this mark of friendliness on the patio at DiDi’s Downtown in The Rail District. Chef Scott Hoffner is everyone’s friend and the regulars are devoted not only to the restaurant but to each other. American cuisine is homemade, children are welcome and live music is always on the program.

Courtesy of the Granite Park Promenade

Okay, technically the Boardwalk is in Plano, but some Frisco-Nians like to claim it as their own because it’s about ten and a half feet from their side of 121. The Boardwalk has plenty of deck options. You can walk from one to the other, in fact, if you’re a “drink first, dinner later” style diner. The waterfront walkway, abundant twinkling lights, and variety of restaurants to suit all appetites make this a destination not to be missed.

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