The absolute best sushi in the United States

In the city of Las Vegas, indulgence is paramount. By this reputation, even though it has been thrown in one of the driest places in the world, far from any nearby stopovers, Vegas is still the place to be for great sushi. Like its sister city of LA, Las Vegas has too many primo restaurants to count. You can find any style of food you crave here, and it just might be the best you have ever had. When it comes to top-tier sushi establishments, it’s easier to narrow things down to one chef and two locations (according to Las Vegas Magazine). Sushi master Nobu Matsuhisa and his eponymous establishments reign supreme on the Vegas sushi scene.

Sushi lovers can choose between a visit to the Original Nobu Sushi at Virgin Hotels in Las Vegas, or a trip to one of the world’s greatest Nobu restaurants at Caesars Palace. (These days there are places all over the world). In the latter, diners have the opportunity to enjoy edomae-style sushi: a smooth and clean piece at the same time. And when it comes to dining at a Nobu outside of Vegas, The New York Times reports that the pomp and circumstances may seem different, but the exceptional flavors and experience remain in any restaurant. Chef Nobu is an original, and his name still serves some of the best fish around.

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