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Concessions at Q2 span the gamut from take-out kiosks to a seated dining experience in partnership with the Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts in Austin (Photo by David Brendan Hall)

Fueling the football fandom is no small feat, but the Q2 stadium – home of the Verde – promises more than just beige concessions. There is a unique local twist on what is billed as “Austin‘s largest backyard,” and the food and drink experience is a strategic blend of hometown favorites and familiarity from big names, which makes for a pretty impressive list of choices for just about everyone.

Austin FC, in collaboration with Levy Restaurants, launched 512 Food Co. as the official home team of Q2 Stadium. In the late 1970s, Chicago-born Levy began with family recipes during an overhaul of a local deli, and in 1982 expanded into sports catering with a gourmet mindset to Comiskey Park (then home of the Chicago White Sox), eventually graduating from Disney World and World Council. The partnership promises to offer variety in addition to community initiatives and efficient service to the 20,500 fans at every game through a combination of branded partnerships and small local businesses. As we all squatted like a pandemic, Austin FC and Levy worked with the Austin Chamber of Commerce, Austin LGBT Chamber, Hispanic Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce, Black Chamber of Commerce. of Grand Austin and the Asian Room of Grand Austin. Trade to come up with a plan to hire all kinds of food trucks and restaurants and set them up for opening day. And you know that’s what we’re here for.

the “Austin Table” anchors part of the culinary experience as a revolving restaurant in partnership with School of Culinary Arts Auguste Escoffier. They will focus on local minority-owned businesses while incubating new concepts and providing on-the-job training to Escoffier students.

There is Chinese fast-casual at Bao’d Up (article 118), Tex-Mex to Casa Chapala (article 121), and the kolaches of by Slovacek, the famous boutique in West, Texas (sections 118 and 123). Austin based franchise DoubleDave Pizzaworks (near Sections 105 and 123), known for their pizza buns and the local bakery powerhouse Easy tiger (near Sections 108 and 127), with their beer cheese and bread galore, both have great square footage. Austin is everywhere Pluckers Wing Bar (near section 135) brings these game day favorites with T-Loc Sonora Hot Dogs (near article 119). And because the tacos are as Austin as it gets, they’ve secure a taco (near article 107), Taco dishes and their killer quesadillas (Premium Terrace), and Tacodeli, slingers of Austinites’ favorite green sauce, Salsa Doña (near section 122).

One of the stadium’s most notable gems is the Legendary Forever – with too many awards to even count – Valentina Tex Mex barbecue (near article 137). A few weeks ago, on our tour, they had already lit these famous smokers, and now we have all called this section of the stadium “Valentina’s Corner”. The menu displayed includes a plate of minced breast sandwich, a plate of smoked pulled pork sandwich, a sliced ​​beef brisket taco and the “El Rey” with smoked pulled pork butts and mustard sausage habanero, their sauce and coleslaw and spicy crisps. Sure, you can tour their locations around town (and not pay the stadium bounty), but there’s something pretty special about helping kickstart a local favorite into MLS history.

512 Food Co. will also host several catering concepts only in stadiums led by Executive Chef Sam Boisjoly and his team. The list features their take on stadium classics, with portable convenience in mind. ATX niche (Premium Terrace) offers “local variations of traditional hot dogs and sausages”, while the ATX MRKT and Austin City Products (near sections 104 and 127) are take out markets with vegan / vegetarian options, fresh fruit, ice cream, snacks and Valentina’s barbecue sandwiches – a good option if Valentina’s Corner looks like an anthill of people, which will certainly be the case. . Eastern restaurants (near article 128) and Snacks (nearly 103) will offer more traditional dishes on match day, with nachos, chili dogs, hot Bavarian pretzels and Slovak sausages; El Mercado (near section 102) is a Latin themed take-out market with vegan and vegetarian options, snacks, hot Mmmpanadas (don’t skip the peach cobbler) and fresh organic tamales from the farmers market Tamale addiction. (Our favorites are the Mole Chicken and the Muenster Poblano.) If you’re craving smash burgers and fries, Grilllove & Oak Hill Grill (near sections 101 and 129) is an option. And it wouldn’t be Austin without an entire food cart dedicated to our gooey, unofficial urban food, so the Queso Fountain ensures that no one leaves without a taste of heaven.

Queso’s (dormant) fountain (Photo by David Brendan Hall)

Of course there is beer, beer, everywhere, because for a vast majority of football fans match day means gallons of drinks available in all premises, and Q2 delivers – in the Beer Hall, bars, kiosks and vendors throwing drinks in the stands. the Q2 stadium beer hall (at level 200 of the north building) is marked with a weirdly tiny sign (maybe they’re preemptively preventing a scrum?) Anyone with a ticket can hang in the room and watch the game on any kazillion screen, but get there early if you want to shoot the shuffleboard and foosball tables. The brightly lit bar has around 100 overhead barrel fires, and the long bar tables feature the natural oak seen throughout the stadium. (See Eric Puga’s “Create Your Own Beer Adventure” article for more on drinking alcohol during and around Q2.)

The Q2 Stadium Beer Hall has a provisional list of 16 local craft beers and a hundred keg fires hanging over your head. (Photo by David Brendan Hall)

If big distribution players are more your style, there are two Michelob Ultra Bars and several portable spots, one Bulleit Bar (on the porch), multiple locations for Heineken, Dos Equis (hello, $ 15 cans) and Bud, among others, you can probably guess. Captain Morgan has a chic limited-access lounge, and Crown Royal and Don Julio are both heavily featured throughout the stadium, as are those liquid gold (brown) syrups, Dr Pepper, and Coca-Cola. More interestingly, Bodyarmor made from coconut water replaces the usual Gatorade, and even better, Austin Eastciders and Waterloo Sparkling Water are squeezed into the mix.

Operating in an almost post-pandemic era, throughout the stadium there will be cashless orders and crates, as well as these take-out markets in the lobby. You’ll also be able to order concessions through the Austin FC app, meaning no matter where you are in Q2, you’ll be well fed and watered.

Halfway through our tour of the huge property, I was surprised to feel at home in a concrete jungle, and this is largely due to the feeling that Austin’s hospitality is at the heart of this new adventure. .


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