The longtime bagel spot is branching out with a new venture

The Rabbi ($14.95): Nova lox, whipped cream cheese, onions, tomatoes and capers are served on a bagel bun. (George Wiebe/Community Impact Journal)

Something new meets something old in Bellaire with New York Eatery, an extension of the 46-year-old New York Deli and Coffee Shop founded on Hillcroft Avenue in Meyerland.

The Bellaire location comprises two distinct entities: the classic, year-old bagel-focused bakery, and the new restaurant and deli, which opened in October. Originally known as Brooklyn Bagel, the company was started in Philadelphia by two brothers looking to fill a void in the bagel market across the country.

The expansion was not only meant to capture a new market, but also to capture the fallout from the old site, said chief operating officer Riana Sherman.

“The location on Hillcroft [Street] is the little engine that could,” Sherman said. “You push your seat back and bump into the next table.”

Able to seat nearly four times as many diners, the Bellaire location also added a bar and lounge.

The menu seeks to live up to the New York name, offering matzah ball soup, corn beef sandwiches, and authentic New York-style bagels. Both locations have traditional bagel ovens to keep the crafts alive, but authenticity comes at a cost; following a break in the original furnace, finding replacement parts posed challenges.

“I flew to Chicago to get the role,” said CEO Michael Saghian, “I traveled with an empty suitcase and came back with the role. … There was a guy in town that I met who knows how to fix them.

Keeping tradition isn’t all there is to the restaurant. A new dinner menu will be introduced in February.

“It’s a whole new menu, but you can still have breakfast and lunch all day, dinner,” Saghian said.

The restaurant has also partnered with Carnegie Deli, a chain spun off from a small Jewish deli in New York. The partnership provides quintessential Carnegie Deli products, such as corned beef and pastrami.

“We will still keep our identity and who we are, but we will add some of their dishes to our menu,” Saghian said. “You’ll still be able to get our normal sandwich that you’ve always come for for the past 45 years.”

New York restaurant

5422, boul. Bellaire, Bellaire


Hours: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily

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