The sweet warmth of Nashville

Fried chicken comes with its own extra kick in Nashville. Now those spices have found their way to Texas thanks to Hattie B’s, a family-run hot chicken franchise with restaurants in Tennessee, Georgia and Nevada.

“I grew up in and around restaurants,” says Nick Bishop Jr., who co-founded Hattie B’s with his father. “My dad has run, operated, and owned restaurants all my life. Both of his brothers are in the restaurant business. His dad—my grandfather—has been in the restaurant business for over 40 years. It’s just in our blood.

Fans of spicy fried chicken can sink their teeth into the tasty hot chicken that Hattie B’s serves daily at Deep Ellum, which opened in late February.

“It’s equal parts pleasure and pain. There’s a bit of heat, a bit of sweetness. It’s super tasty,” Nick says of his hot chicken. “It’s really [has] has that addictive quality that has made it such a popular thing.

Before testing your taste buds, sip a cocktail or two. In addition to having its largest restaurant, the Dallas location is also the only Hattie B with an actual bar and cocktail menu.

Shack Water, the franchise’s version of Ranch Water, features gin instead of tequila alongside grapefruit and Topo Chico. Hattie B’s Bloody Mary version is infused with flavors of hot chicken and dill pickle. And those who prefer wine will always be able to choose between two different grape varieties in rotation, one of which will always be sparkling.

When it’s time to dig, Hattie B’s offers customers many customizable options, including the heat level that best suits your taste buds. The Southern is classic fried chicken with no heat, while the low and medium heat levels offer just a touch of spice. More daring diners can turn up the heat with Hot!, Damn Hot!! and the hottest option available – Shut The Cluck Up!!!

Once you’ve made your spice selections, it’s time to choose your chicken. Sandwiches and hot chicken fillets are among the most popular dishes, which are grilled or fried and with up to two sides of your choice. Those who like the classics, however, can order the fried chicken with the bone, choosing dark meat, white meat, wings or a whole half of chicken.

“There’s a little something for everyone,” says Nick.

Families can order either jumbo tenders or a platter of whole wings. Each comes with a choice of ranch, blue cheese or honey mustard, and customers can order their platters in any quantity, ensuring no one leaves the table hungry.

Lack of time shouldn’t prevent a visit to Hattie B’s either. The franchise offers several snacks on its menu, perfect for a quick stop or an easy midday pick-me-up. The crinkle-cut Dirty Bird fries are topped with chili macaroni and cheese, tender bites of dark meat, and what Hattie B’s calls “comeback sauce,” which is made with mayonnaise, honey, and a whole host of spices. ‘spices.

Fried pickles are another recent addition to the snack portion of the menu, while Little ‘Uns are giant nuggets of tender or dark meat with a side and drink, perfect for smaller appetites or as a precursor to your main course.

“I love welcoming people into our spaces, and I think there’s a lot of joy that you can convey with good food and good service,” says Nick.

After being subjected to a slew of delicious spicy fried chicken, it only makes sense to end your meal with something sweet. Hattie B’s dessert menu is full of Southern favorites like banana pudding and peach cobbler. Root beer and coke floats or a few scoops of ice cream can also be a great way to end the meal.

“From the type of people we hire to the music we play, everything has been considered and thought out,” says Nick. “We’re really, really excited to be in Dallas.”

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