This Big Fast Food Chain Is Finally Coming To Texas

Texans can be all about their Raising Cane Chick-fil-A and Chicken Fingers Sandwiches, but another big chain of chickens will soon become a competitor as they break new ground in the Lone Star State. The Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston areas will host more than 25 new Bojangles restaurants in 2022, marking the inaugural appearance of the chicken and cookie chain in the southern state.

Continuing its mission to expand across the country, the Charlotte-based chain has announced plans to open the first Dallas-Fort Worth locations in the first three months of next year. Other locations will continue to open during the first half of the year, according to Charlotte’s Observer.

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The new restaurants will be a combination of company-owned and franchise locations. Bojangles announced that it has entered into a new expansion agreement with two operators: SAT Restaurant Group, LLC, which will open three locations in Dallas-Fort Worth, and LASH Foods, which will open the same number of restaurants in Houston.

The chain currently has over 700 restaurants, mostly in the southeast, and has experienced a growth spurt. In May, the company announced two expansion agreements at 85 sites with new and existing operators.

The first chord, written with Jeff Rigsby in March, the brand will expand to 45 locations over a seven-year period. Rigsby is a 20 year veteran of the Bojangles brand, franchisee, and currently operates over 90 locations in Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee. The new locations, as well as the 16 existing restaurants that it acquires, will make it the largest franchisee in the chain. The deal will also bring Bojangles restaurants to Columbus, Ohio for the very first time.

40 more locations have just been announced in the channel dealing with Chaac Foods restaurants, an operator behind 135 Pizza Hut, as well as some Panda Express and Applebee locations. Chaac Foods plans to open 20 new stores in Georgia, five in Tennessee and 15 in the Orlando, Florida area, which will be a homecoming for the brand that has been absent from the southern city since 2015.

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