Top Rated BBQ Restaurants in ENC

GREENVILLE, NC (WNCT) – If you come from or have been to eastern North Carolina, you know how seriously we take our barbecue.

Residents of eastern North Carolina take no criticism lightly when it comes to their favorite barbecue restaurants, as this part of the state is known for its quality, especially with different basic options.

A TripAdvisor report in March listed what they called the best barbecue restaurants in all of North Carolina. Although they may have omitted some ENC areas in regards to where to BBQ, they make up for that with this report.

So here are the 30 best places to barbecue in eastern North Carolina. The ranking covers customer reviews to list the best sites through April 23. We’ve eliminated big city BBQ spots that don’t really represent ENC. Click here to see these places along with all the others on the TripAdvisor list.

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  1. Mission BBQ, Jacksonville
    4.5/5 out of 232 reviews
    “Outstanding food/customer service.”
  2. High Cotton NC Barbecue, Kitty Hawk
    4.5/5 out of 1,601 reviews
    “Best breast north of the Greater Republic of Texas.”
    “Loved the hush puppies, fries and baked beans which I tried too.”
  3. B’s Barbeque, Greenville
    4.5/5 out of 418 reviews
    “True Eastern NC BBQ.”
    “Great BBQ.”
  4. Bar-B-Que House, Oak Island
    4.5/5 out of 547 reviews
    “This place is a must stop!”
    “Good barbecue with large portions. Very busy…”
  5. Corolle Village BBQ Reviews, Corolle
    4.5/5 out of 317 reviews
    “Delicious, homemade BBQ”
    “…the salad, the baked beans, the macaroni…”
  6. Mema Chicken and Ribs, Burlaw
    5/5.0 out of 94 reviews
    “Great BBQ!”
    “Awesome food”
  7. Surf City Barbeque, Topsail Island
    4.5/5 out of 346 reviews
    “Some of the best BBQ’s I’ve had.”
    “…fried chicken, desserts, banana pudding, cabbage, chicken livers all…”
  8. Currituck BBQ Company, Barco
    4.5/5 out of 258 reviews
    “Very good food and selection”
    “Outer Banks Retreat”
  9. Look for Skylight Inn BBQ
    4.5/5 out of 221 reviews
    “Worth the trip”
  10. Sooey’s BBQ & Rib Shack, Nags Head
    4/5 out of 430 reviews
    “casual family meal”
    “Good BBQ”
  11. Pigman’s Bar-B-Que, Kill Devil Hills
    4/5 out of 777 reviews
    “Fast Food BBQ – Who Knew?”
    “Just go! You won’t regret it.
  12. Sam Jones BBQ, Winterville
    4/5 out of 198 reviews
    “Another great BBQ.”
    “It’s the real Eastern deal.”
  13. Parkers BBQ Restaurant, Greenville
    4/5 out of 289 reviews
    “Straight out of the 1950s”
    “Working lunch”
  14. The Prime Smokehouse BBQ and beyond, Rocky Mount
    4/5 out of 1,015 reviews
    “Amazing food and good service”
    “THIS is a barbecue!” »
  15. Smithfield’s Chicken N Bar-BQ, Morehead Town
    4.5/5 out of 138 reviews
    “Great food……love their food!!!!”
    “Stop at Smithfield”
  16. King’s Restaurant Incorporated, Kingston
    4/5 out of 206 reviews
    “Loved the prawns”
    “Good Friday”
  17. Fat Crabs Rib Co. & Seafood Shack, Corolla
    4/5 out of 476 reviews
    “Great meal with an exceptional customer…”
    “Good local place”
  18. Sooey’s BBQ & Rib Shack, Corolla
    4/5 out of 332 reviews
    “Good food!”
    “Crab Cakes”
  19. Thig’s BBQ House, Jacksonville
    4.5/5 out of 95 reviews
    “cookies and gravy”
    “Country charm off the beaten track”
  20. Bunn’s Bar-BQ, Windsor
    4.5/5 out of 58 reviews
    “Delicious hole in the wall barbecue”
    “Classic NC Bar-BQ at its finest”
  21. Roanoke Island Bar-B-Que Company, Roanoke Island
    4.5/5 out of 54 reviews
    “Delicious authentic NC BBQ at a reasonable price!”
    “Great Carolina style”
  22. Smithfield’s Chicken ‘N Bar-BQ, Havelock
    4.5/5 out of 66 reviews
    “I have the pulled pork value pack.”
    “Great BBQ”
  23. Smithfield’s Chicken ‘N Bar-BQ, Rocky Mount
    4.5/5 out of 84 reviews
    “Always a good lunch”
    “The pulled pork is excellent.”
  24. Texas BBQ, Havelock
    4/5 out of 71 reviews
    “Excellent chili and mac and cheese”
    “As good as advertised”
  25. Moore’s Old Tyme Barbeque Chicken & Seafood, Winterville
    4.5/5 out of 69 reviews
    “Everything about this place!!! »
    “Good flavor, nice staff”
  26. Roland’s BBQ, Beaufort
    4/5 out of 82 reviews
    “A real local favourite.”
    “Great BBQ”
  27. Doug Sauls Bar-B-Que & Seafood, Nashville
    4.5/5 out of 78 reviews
    “Great BBQ discovery”
    “Great bar b cue”
  28. Jordan’s BBQ and Seafood, Swansboro
    4.5/5 out of 65 reviews
    “Our new favorite restaurant!!”
  29. Ken’s Grill & NC Barbecue, La Grange
    4.5/5 out of 53 reviews
    Incredible NC BBG EXCEPTIONAL. Food service and portions are wonderful.
    “Good place to stop”
  30. Gardner BBQ Restaurant, Rocky Mount
    4/5 out of 189 reviews
    “Tasty Turkey BBQ”
    “Big portions, very tasty BBQ”

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