Trophy Club Blue 22 Sports Grill restaurant focuses on food and home environment

When Trophy Club residents Mack and Veronique Graham launched Blue 22 Sports Grill in November, they brought years of industry experience with them. Véronique has a background in catering, sales and marketing. Mack has owned and operated restaurants since he was 22 years old and purchased his first restaurant in 2001.

They said they chose this specific location within the Trophy Club Town Center for their restaurant because it backs up to the park and outdoor stage.

Their concept also fills a need, they said.

“This neighborhood desperately needed a social gathering place other than the country club,” Mack said. “We needed a place where families could come, kids could play, hang out, socialize and eat and drink well together.”

As a chef, Mack said he has worked with other chefs he has known for years to develop the recipes for the Blue 22 Sports Grill menu.

“I am a chef. Food is most important to me. Hospitality is next,” Mack said. “Everything is made from scratch there; We are proud of what we do.”

He described the details behind one of the top-selling menu items.

“I’m not just going to make you a bacon cheeseburger,” he said. “I’m going to make sure when this thing comes together it’s going to be one of the best cheeseburgers you’ve ever had, not just the best from DFW. You want me to cook for you, I promise.

In addition to sporty grills, the menu features a variety of salads, cauliflower-crusted pizzas, choice top sirloin and more.

“I’m living a dream of being able to cook, serve guests and build community relationships,” Mack said.

Véronique said her favorite part of co-ownership of the business was having created a gathering space.

“It’s really rewarding as a business owner and as a community member,” she said.

Blue 22 Sports Grid

2230 Route 114 Ste. 500, Club Trophy


Opening hours: Sun.-Thurs. 11am-10pm, Fri.-Sat. 11am-midnight

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