Troy Aikman’s latest business venture? Beer

Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman announced on Tuesday, Jan.4, 2022 that he is entering the beer business. He co-founded an Austin-based company that will launch Eight, a 90-calorie light beer, in Texas in early 2022.

Aikman had teased the partnership for months on Instagram, including in a post in September 2021 that detailed his rigorous training regimen and sleep schedule, ending with a beer emoji and a suggestion to “celebrate the victories of the life”.

Broadcaster Fox has long talked about good health – someone who probably wouldn’t drink beer without knowing the calorie count. “I drink 1 to 2 gallons of water a day,” he says The morning news from Dallas. “I make sure I sleep well. I eat really well. I’m training. But I also feel like life’s victories and special moments need to be celebrated.

Aikman says he feels like he’s been in the beer business for years, anyway. He worked for a Miller distributor in Oklahoma in college – a job he got at the suggestion of then-trainer Barry Switzer. After Aikman retired from the Cowboys, he did a few national campaigns for Miller Lite. When he opened his Troy’s restaurant in Arlington, he called himself a “Miller Lite dude” at the time.

But more recently, Aikman said he “didn’t like the options” available for light beers.

“Being so meticulous and careful with what I put in my body, it would be great if there was a better beer than what was available,” said the three-time Super Bowl champion.

Eight has been a project for several years and in at least three states. Aikman researched with members of the Food Science and Technology Department at Oregon State University before partnering with Faubourg Brewing Co. in New Orleans to make the beer. The company’s headquarters are in Austin, a city Aikman considers “more authentic” to the brand than his hometown of Dallas.

Eight is made with organic grains and is a fully malted beer, which means it does not contain corn or rice. Aikman joined master brewer Phil Leinart and several other co-founders for all tastings during the brewing process.

He hopes this will intrigue health-conscious people. The “early risers”, Aikman calls them: “People who get up in the morning with a specific purpose and want to be better. “

It is named after Aikman’s jersey number as a varsity and professional athlete. Aikman is also inspired by the number eight, which represents strength and balance, he says.

So far, Eight is the only beer in Aikman’s six-pack.

“But,” he says, “we’ve at least made contingency plans down the road” if the team decides they want to brew more beers.

Eight is expected to go on sale in bars and restaurants across Texas in February 2022. The company will then take a hiatus before considering expansion into other states, Aikman said.

Eight will be sold in boxes of six, 12 and 19.2 ounces in Texas retail stores starting in March 2022.

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