Unbelievabowl Fuels Dallas Bowls Craze

It’s clear: Dallas has found a way to put just about everything in a bowl. Whether it’s Mexican, Indian or American cuisine, apparently everything tastes better when eaten from a bowl.

Incredulous is no exception. Richardson’s new Asian restaurant offers 20 different Asian-inspired bowls with meats and toppings ranging from vegetables to chicken to pork. They also give you the option to customize your starter with different sauces, proteins and vegetables.

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Bowls are in fashion.

Anisha Holla

If you get lost, try the chicken and gyoza teriyaki bowl ($8.95) with a bed of rice, white, brown or fried. The dish is loaded with sautéed vegetables and a thick, lightly sweetened teriyaki glaze. We tried ours with roast chicken and pan fried gyoza. It’s a healthy balance of rice, vegetables and protein. For those less fond of sweet flavors, try spicy teriyaki sauce instead of sweet. Just order with caution; you may find that your spice tolerance is pushed to its limits.

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Vegetable curry croquette

Anisha Holla

Unbelievabowl’s katsu is also a popular menu item, also served on a bed of rice and stir-fried vegetables. Go for the pork or chicken katsu ($8.95), both of which are lightly breaded and fried on the outside but hide a satisfying center of tender meat inside.

Vegetarians shouldn’t miss the Curry Croquette Bowl ($8.95), a meat alternative filled with rice, vegetables and crispy breaded potato pancakes. All katsu bowls are served with a rich curry sauce on the side which you can mix to your liking. You’ll probably want more of this sauce, so order more for just $2 more. It’s worth it.

Perhaps the best thing about this innovative restaurant is that the menu is completely customizable. Ask for more rice, more vegetables or more sauce. Still, if you’re looking for more flavor, try a self-serve spicy mayonnaise squirt or the creamy barbecue rice sauce.

Unbelievabowl, 2160 N. Coit Road, 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Saturday; 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Sunday

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